Fitness and Quarantine : Why you need to stay active for physical and mental benefits

by - 10 September

woman in workout clothes pointing to the sky at the beach

With the pandemic still looming over everyone's heads with some areas more than others’ (other countries are starting to operate normally like gyms/malls/restos etc albeit some adjustments) people who usually get more activity during the day pre-covid have adjusted to getting their serotonin-fix at home.

Home gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells and more compact equipment like booty bands and waist and thigh trainers as well as Youtube workouts have become a regular thing - so regular that gym rats like myself might consider this to be a normal routine post-covid.

The World Health Organization advises to continue working out when the gyms are closed/public spaces for physical and mental benefits. (source : here)

Since more and more people are doing the majority of their fitness activities at home, apart from workout equipment, workout clothes are also flying off the (virtual) shelves of online stores. With so many brands to choose from it can get expensive if you need sets to last you for the week especially if you workout almost every day.
FeelingGirlDress has not only cute dresses for casual to formal wear, but also affordable activewear like leggings, bras, shorts and sets for all days of the week. Here are my top picks for working out and maybe just for lounging around (no judgement here!).


I’m partial to pastel colors and shorts so these are just *chef’s kisses* perfect. These shorts and long sleeve combo have the sleeve detail so that the sleeves don’t roll up and move when you do certain movements. The high-waisted shorts also give a nice silhouette. And the square neck-line is flattering and very ‘trendy’ -if you’re into that. Get this for $ 7.60.


I also love me some classic neutrals so whites and grays are also a staple colour. And as you can see these are shorts again! I just can’t do full leggings lately in our weather, can you? White is $5.99, gray one is $6.91.

Feelingirldress has a variety of workout wear as well as plus size items and even lingerie - because who are we kidding, most of us who are blessed enough are either in sleepwear or workout clothes majority of the time.

Let me know if you find something you like or you’ve ordered from Feelingirldress! Their collection of wholesale activewear are actually pretty nice. I hope you stay safe at home and if you need to go out to be careful.<3


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