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I love a ready-to-go, multi-purpose, sleek, and convenient catch-all for anything and everything—be it a skincare or household item.

And as it turns out, with the re-branding of Issy and Co. to just Issy, they released this 'purse-friendly' mini palette to cater to both casuals and make-up experts alike. So I snapped some shades up during a sale, along with the case, to try it out.

This (roughly) 4x2.5 inch palette can be specifically curated for the eyes or face with the multitude of pan combinations available. You can make a blush + shadow palette. An all-matte eyeshadow palette. Highlighter and contours only. Blush and bronzer. All glitter...etc. The list goes on.

photos of makeup boxes
The empty case retails for ₱299

The different pans you can combine :

Eyeshadows (₱149/single colour insert)
  • 22 Mattes (shimmer-free)
  • 4 Satins (pearlescent)
  • 5 Foils (metallic)
  • 3 Mirrors (glitter)
Blushers (₱249/single colour insert)
  • 9 shades
Bronzers (₱249/single colour insert)
  • 3 shades
Contours (₱199/single colour insert)
  • 3 shades
Highlighters (₱199/single colour)
  • 3 shades
If you don't want the fuss of making your own combinations, there are pre-curated palettes available for both eyes and cheeks!

a photo of the boxes of makeup products
I got a bronzer in Torch, blush in Rave, contour in Storm, and a highlighter in Blonde. As always the packaging is top-notch. With clear labels, text layout, and security measures all around. This designer is pleased.

While magnetic pans and DIY custom palettes with different inserts aren't new and groundbreaking, they're re-introduced to a newer generation of beauty lovers. These are distinctly branded to be marketed towards the on-the-go, tiny-bag toters, Y2K-esque, and androgynous base.

Makeup swatches

The powders differ slightly in texture but all remain soft to the touch - not creamy nor crumbly.

The payoff is pretty good. Not at all sheer nor overly pigmented. As Goldilocks said, just right.

Makeup swatches
Torch, the bronzer looks a little warm or red but that's to be expected. It was labeled as a neutral bronzer though but I think it needs a smidge more coolness to it.

Rave is a fun cool lilac on the cheeks. I'm happy it doesn't look off on my light-medium olive skin. I've been trying to experiment more with purple and lilac blushers for the past few months. The other one I've been trying is a cheek stick from Vice, their One & Done stick in Purpleism.

Storm is the perfect medium neutral contour on me. Period.

While Blonde is your typical frosty champagne, it blends well enough on me so the 'yellow' tint isn't obvious. It has fine glitters that you can't feel to the touch giving you a 'wet-look' glow.

All powders don't have any scent to them. And overall I'm enjoying everything. I can easily chuck this in my bag if I need to get ready in the car. Or as my travel palette for vacation.

Happy to report that it's a great addition to my dresser. Have you tried any of these? Which ones are you most likely to try?


Issy links

Instagram : www.instagram.com/issyandcompany/?hl=en
Shopee : shope.ee/1fqFubbCfH
Lazada : https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/issy-company/?path=index.htm

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