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by - 06 October

I didn't exactly disconnect from the world when I was in Camp Agos, because it wasn't necessarily a sabbatical or no-tech retreat but it was extremely easy to not get any signal ( especially if you're a globe subscriber).

There were no other 'attractions' other than the river. No other 'activities' other than lounging around the place, swimming in the river or waterfalls ( after trekking to it). If you get antsy by the lack of activity I suggest you bring a book, a tablet (for movies/reading), and a physical activity item (beach ball, floatie, frisbee etc).

But if you want hours of doing blissful nothing and just soak the sun and nature all around you, this is a pretty good spot albeit a little expensive if you're by yourself or in a duo.

What to pack :

  • Trekking/hiking outfit
    • I recommend leggings if you're prone to insect bites and slipping. Also, it helps with the itchy plants that you'll be wading through and the rocks/pebbles in case you do slip.
  • Snacks
    • Chips, crisps, juice packs, and sodas (maybe some 🍷 🍹 🍻 ) are optional but highly recommended. There are stores near the camp where you can buy snacks but they close pretty early (as early as 5PM)
  • Non-perishable food
    • Canned food, bread, and noodle packs/cups are nice to bring if you want to experience cooking but don't want the trouble of lugging raw meat around and spending a fortune on ice so it won't go bad.
  • Mosquito repellant, sunblock, sunglasses, a hat and wet-proof/dry bag
  • Swimwear but not string bikinis because they will fly off and the river faeries and waterfall nymphs will laugh.
  • Cash
    • You'll be surprised how often people forget to bring cash to places like this
  • Optional
    • Floatation devices/floaties, volleyball, water sport paraphernalia etc
    • Your own pillows and blankets
      • We brought our own blankets for fear of the ones there not being clean enough, but they were, thankfully. Still we ended up using the blankets as a cover for the rope 'seating section' because 1, it was dusty with lots of cobwebs and 2, the ropes hurt.

  • Ask the caretakers for a cooler (separate payment) you're probably going to need it
  • Buy drinking water (from the caretakers) instead of packing gallons for the duration of your stay
    • Trust me, it's easier this way and not pricey at all
  • Go in a group
    • It's cheaper and the costs of food and transportation are significantly reduced
  • Use trekking sandals not flip-flops or sneakers
    • There's a lot of walking so you might think Oh! Sneakers! but it becomes heavy once the water soaks into it plus the stones and mud are very slippery after your shoes get wet. Pass on the flip-flops as well. The strong rush of the water might render your flip-flops useless.
  • Go trekking
    • Watch out for a lot of animal shit
  • Visit the waterfalls
    • Time passes by slowly here and you need something to do for the rest of the time you're not relaxing/sleeping

Have you been to Camp Agos? I'll probably go back, but this time in a group 'coz I think it's infinitely more sustainable and fun in a group. And like I said, cheaper.


Camp Agos Daraitan Rizal

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