GET more with TM's 2GB with an ADDITIONAL 3GB so you can stay connected to the world!

by - 06 October

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With the pandemic halting most of our daily routines as we know it - restaurants and shops either completely closed or with minimum seating inside, classes held online and physical engagements like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and reunions come to a halt we're resigned to staying indoors and with nowhere to go are often than not, online.

The youngest of our generation are resourceful in that they find ways to entertain themselves and even others. TM is on board with their sentiments so they introduced their newest product - EASYSURF 50 DOBLE DATA. DAHIL DOBLE ANG DATA, DOBLE NA ANG FUN.

What you get with EasySurf 50 Doble Data :

  •  2GB for surfing
  •  Additional 3GB or 1GB per day to use with FunPinoy packs
  •  Vaild for 3 days 

Accessing Facebook, ML, TikTok, WeSing and YouTube has never been easier with the FUNPINOY pack - FunALIW

If you're more into video calls and chats there's FunKWENTUHAN for your Google Meets, Zooms, Messenger dates, Instagram and Facebook

If you're starting your Christmas shopping super early or have a couple of side-hustles there's FunRAKET, for Lazada, Shopee, Facebook and Gcash!

For our students there's also FunARAL, for Google suite, YouTube and research so learning never stops!

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How to avail of the promo?

Register to EasySurf50 now DOBLE DATA! Just dial *143# and look for EASYSURF, or download the TM App on google play, iTunes or scan the QR code on any of the images here!





PS. This is a press release for TM's latest promo of EasySurf50's 2GB with an additional 3GB promo originally introduced last September 17 sans the additional 2 and 3 GB.

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