A good alternative for the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

by - 10 January

Ask any beauty aficionado, what their favorite sunscreen is and more often than not the Biore UV watery essence will pop up. It's no secret that most Japanese skincare brands have my heart (along with Korean beauty products) - they just work really well for me. I'm an avid fan of the Biore UV watery sunscreen in the blue tube/bottle and can completely understand why it has cult status.

Why's to love about Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essense?

It has a water-gel texture that's easily absorbed by the skin giving a natural, skin-like non-greasy finish (no noticeable white cast). It's also super lightweight, making it great under makeup or by itself.

Sometimes  though you want something different, you can't get a hold of the Biore sunscreen or for some reason it's not working for you anymore. Enter Village 11 Factory's Hydra Sun Fluid.

Biorè vs Village 11 Factory

1. Bottle - Village 11 has a pump but there's a tendency to lose the cap as it can be easily opened whereas the Biore one comes in a squeezable tube and a harder bottle with a screw-top.
2. Scent - The Biore has this alcohol-scent to it while this one has no noticeable scent.
3. Texture - While similar, Village 11 is more water-gel-like than Biore. But both are runny.
4. Color - Biore is has more of a milky color that blends on the skin while the Village 11 is clear.
5. Availability - Biore is more easily accesible at most Watsons' stores while Village 11 you can only find online. I got mine at Mei Satsuki on Shoppee (they also have a Facebook!)
6. Price - Biore's 50g tube costs around P500 at Watsons while Village 11's 50ml tube is around P650. Not much difference really.

Get the Biorè if you like Japanese brands or if Biorè in general has worked for you (if certain brands already work for you my advice is to stick to it) but if you're sensitive to scents or don't like alcohol-smelling products get the Village 11 Factory instead or Face Republic's Super Screen Sun Gel! (Very similar to Village 11's. All in all, they work great on their own and under makeup :)

Which one have you tried? Are you a kbeauty hoe or a japanjapan one? I'm both if you couldn't tell already.


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