Mabeob KBBQ Review : Cheap Samgyeopsal at P299 PROMO PRICE

by - 26 June

mabeob restaurant review blog image of inside the restaurant

I'm not the biggest fan of Korean barbeque or Samgyeopsal, but I wouldn't say no to a P299 KBBQ.

If you're a local of Cainta or Rizal, there's a plethora of hole-in-the-walls, mom & pop restaurants, and cafes. K-bbq places are also much more accessible than before when they first came to the scene. Unlimited pork, chicken, and sides (banchan) for less than P399? It's a bit questionable, but I'll try anything once.

a photo of a menu of mabeob and inside the restaurant

Pork flavors
  • Honey garlic
  • Spicy pork
  • Pork curry
  • Pork soybean
Chicken flavors
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Chicken bulgogi

a photo of silver serving trays containing meat

This small unassuming kbbq place is located inside a subdivision, directly in front of SM East Ortigas. As this is a small place, there's no parking, unfortunately.  The nearest would be at SM already. Unless you know someone who lives near where you can park. Now, we did get the promo price of P299 instead of the standard price of P399, but still, not bad. Especially since the quality, marinade, and thinness of the meats were pretty good.

Tip: Try the kimchi and cucumber side salad (oi muchim)

a photo of jugs of juice and iced tea
Unlimited pork and chicken - P299 (regular price P399)
  • Drinks
  • Side dishes
  • Soup
  • Lettuce
  • Sauces
Unlimited beef, pork and chicken is P399 (regularly priced at P499)

a photo of the meats at mabeob and the side dishes

The place was clean. The offerings were neatly arranged, and the tables and chairs were adequately spaced. The veggies looked and tasted fresh, and most importantly the meats were not super fatty, nor did they smell off.

No flies anywhere and the place was air-conditioned. Great right?


There weren't any exhaust fans for the smoke and if there were, they didn't turn it on. So you will be completely and I mean it, be completely soaked with the smell of smoked meat. From your hair to your clothes. Eau de pork anyone?

a close up of a table grill with pork slices on it cooking
For P299, I have no other complaints other than the lack of exhaust. If you're willing to smell like smoke and meat for the rest of the day, I recommend you check this out if you're in the area.


2 Street Saint Joseph Subdivision, Baranggay Sto. Domingo, Cainta Rizal
Notes: No parking
Landmark: In front of SM East Ortigas

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