From Manila with Love Blog initially started as a diary (with a very different and embarrassing name) around 2010 - 2011. As with most "journal/diary" blogs it was very personal. The blog has thus developed into what it is today from the hodgepodge that it was before beauty-lifestyle-centric 2012 kicked in.

Reflective of the editor's (CJ Surita) life as a modern woman in the Philippines, the posts vary from beauty, lifestyle/fashion, food, feminism, tv, music, and some personal thoughts about everyday events mixed in.

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We are very open to working with companies (most especially local ones) for collaborations, sponsorship, and reviews etc. Please be informed that frommanilawithlove writes with sincerity and honesty regarding a product/service whether they be positive or negative. Don't be alarmed as there's always a keen search for the pros in every review/post.

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