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by - 04 December

The first time I tried Kaulayaw Coffee I was left feeling severely underwhelmed and a tiny bit perplexed. The café itself was gorgeous, the styling quaint, unassuming and minimalist, the staff, while not as warm and approachable, were not rude. So hopes... were still springing... eternal? Idk how the saying goes.

Bottomline I was expecting the food to be worth it. The coffee is amazing heck even standard fare and the service is swift and reliable. But what I got was, well, was just bad. As I mentioned, the people weren't necessarily rude, but they weren't forthcoming, approachable, and accessible- most of the time we couldn't find anyone that could take our order, follow up our order and get our bill so we can rush out of that place. The food was a touch expensive for what it was and how little you get. The serving size was smaller than average. And the coffee was quite meh.

Anyway, that was that business. I wrote out Kaulayaw from my cafés to revisit. But...but then they posted a pic on Facebook. And suffice to say I was intrigued. It looked quite nice. I basically gave Kaulayaw another chance because I like pretty things. The Tanay, Rizal branch, looked picturesque. Pretty enough for a second shot.

The garden alfresco dining setup was refreshing. Not many people were there and the tables were spaced well so there was no chance of someone breathing down my neck or me 'accidentally' overhearing a scandalous conversation.

They messed up our order and when it was pointed out, they rectified it asap (gave us another fresh serving of food) Amazing service!

So regarding the price, it was still a little bit overpriced for me. But I kinda get it, you're paying for the beans of the coffee to be ethically sourced and locally grown (which kudos, that's amazing!). Also, look at that view- absolutely stunning.

Finally, delicious coffee. The coffee I chose was admittedly one of the more affordable ones on the menu but it was pretty good. The whole drip coffee setup that I was given was quite nice. I drink a tonne of coffee but I'm no coffee connoisseur, that said, I thought the coffee was delicious.

There was an adjacent building under construction overlooking the area and it turned out to be a 'closed' area for Kaulayaw still. Maybe I'm due for another visit. I'll just stick to the coffee this time.

Would I recommend this place? Yes! The view. The aesthetics and the coffee are all good. The food is ok, just a teeny tiny bit overpriced for me. But maybe it's worth it for you.

Kaulayaw Coffee
Location : Tanay Branch: Kaulayaw At Cuyambay, Cuyambay Crossing, Tanay Rizal
Waze : It's on Waze!


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