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by - 02 November

Gone are the days when skin clinics are only for those with extreme skin issues and who were rolling in dough. There are multitudes of skin clinics now available for the vast majority of people who want to address various skin concerns.

When you think of laser procedures, you'd think it's really expensive and opt out...therein enters Substance Clinic.

They offer skin procedures that rival any other skin clinic's. Quality is not compromised here regardless of the price - as is their motto.

Launch pictures below!

Their clinic is soo my style.

There were a lot of people including media and influencers so it was a little hectic for the Substance team.

Me feeling my oats.

I visited them again after their launching to try out their services. And being a part of #peopleofsubstance, I was privy to their main laser treatment every month.

I had popped blood vessels on my face that day but the whole treatment was quick and regardless of what I felt about their demeanour, she had light and experienced hands.

It wasn't without hitches though. I went in for the monthly treatment but they thought I was being adamant in getting the 'launching laser treatment of my choice' which was already past due - and I of course knew it. After that tiny commercial it was onto the actual skin treatment.

It wasn't really my first time getting a laser treatment done, but it has been ages since. I did the "Holy Grail Laser" (Php 4,000). A laser treatment that tackles acne, freckles, dull skin and uneven pigmentation.

Over-all the treatment lasted no more than 15 minutes. 20 tops because they took photos of my skin before and after, so as to see the progress after every treatment.

- After the laser, WASH your face only after 24 hours
- Lasers work better, according to my skin tech, after a facial
- ALWAYS use sunblock! Especially after a laser treatment!

All-in-all I really liked the place. It's not the 'clinical' squeeky clean type of clinic or the overtly hyper feminine clinic and opulent royalty type clinic. It's very clean, modern, urban- 'brooklyn' feel that most coffee shops I tend to gravitate towards have. It definitely fits the androgynous vibe everyone is bound to appreciate. So our fragile "guy-guys" will not feel out of place here.

Have you tried this clinic and will you try it?

USE MY CODE SUBSTANCECJ18 for a skin consultation worth Php1000! Why not? You might end up liking it there.


PS. Their social media is chock full of 'aesthetic' pictures. I LOVE IT.
PPS. Staff could be a little more welcoming? There was no warmth in the whole encounter. I could only pick one person there who was amicable. Maybe it was a bad day. Oh well, we all have those :)

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