A Cushion you can re-apply without caking? | Trying The Face Shop Miracle Cushion on dry skin

by - 30 November

As someone who's an avid fan of Korean beauty, I found that while most base makeup boast 'moisture!' and 'dewy glow!' they tend to just sit on top of my skin and look like makeup. So it's a challenge for my dry + sensitive skin to get the right formula, apart from the wide selection of shades I mean *sarcasm*.

Walking into the TFS store with a specific game plan in mind I started towards their cushion line.

Firstly, I wanted very light coverage so I can re-apply without looking like I had 10 pounds of makeup. Secondly, something that adheres well to dry skin but doesn't melt the second it gets a little too hot. And thirdly, a good enough match for my skintone. And this cushion surprisingly ticked all of those for me.

This CC Cooling Cushion is specifically made for dry, sensitive skin that is prone to redness. So of course I practically ran towards this variant. There really isn't much in terms of coverage which is perfect for me and the texture is watery and thin.

Sheer coverage works best when you want to re-apply throughout the day. Most products that have coverage, I find tend to cake up and look like you have a lot of base on.

The Face Shop Miracle Finish line - CC Cooling in shade V203.

I'm a sucker for packaging so this black and gold cushion case is a+.
Priced at Php 1,095 it's a little more steep than what I usually get but I got this buy one,get one so it's a better deal.

It has this cooling sensation because of the 'Snow oil' that aids in calming itchiness and irritation. And that factor makes it a nice 'summer' or actually perfect for our Philippine weather. Full ingredients here.

The tone is yellowish and with a little olive.

As you can see, there isn't much in terms of coverage it's really more of the whitecast of the SPF (42+++) content. After applying it does set dewy and remains slightly tacky but it looks natural.

Throughout a hot day, it does fade gracefully and doesn't melt off and clump together. I don't really need to set this when I'm at work since it's freezing there but a I find a light dusting of loose powder does the trick for me when not in an air conditioned place for most of the time.

I think most of their stores still have this for the Buy 1 Get 1 promo so it's worth a look even for the other variants of the Miracle line. (they have one for oily skinned gals and people who want more coverage!)

Have you tried this line? Let me know what you think!



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