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by - 23 October

While everyone is flocking to the usual summer spots in Zambales, Palawan and Batangas some people prefer the quieter, more serene and a little less sandy.

Valentino Resort and Spa is a nice and peaceful IG-worthy resort for a little RnR by yourself, with your significant other, family/barkada.

There weren't a lot of people while we were there and I bet there aren't a lot of people most days. As the place had a function rooms/ballrooms and areas that can cater a sizeable amount of people, I'm guessing people mostly go there for events and/or photoshoots.

The whole place has a tonne of greenery, stairwells, pools, pretty cabanas, cottages, benches —literally everything looked picture-ready.

Lush greens everywhere.

Driving there was smooth because we did go during non-peak season and on a weekday. And I didn't drive so it was definitely smooth for me.

 As expected the only commotion when we arrived was a photoshoot for a wedding or something. Other than that perfect silence. Just nature and its sounds.

For our overnight stay, we reserved a 'deluxe' room. The bedroom was separate to the 'receiving area' where there was a chaise lounge and wardrobe- sorry I don't have a picture!

It would've been a big plus though to have had a small table and chair to place our things on though.

Aerial view of the infinity pool
One of the other pools available

The infinity pool

One of the main things I check out at a resort/hotel is the bathroom. Because I can be very particular. Sadly our bathroom was tiny and a little moldy. There wasn't an exhaust so that was fun BUT the heater for the water did work and that was very much appreciated.

The stars of the show are the pools and the pool areas. The water wasn't heated. I believe you have to request for the jacuzzi to be heated or there weren't just enough people to warrant the use of the heater. I wish they'd always keep it on though if there are guests checked-in.

My personal favorite are the infinity pool and the cabanas around it. Pretty don't you think?

A 'secret' path to a little rock table area that would probably be pretty at night + a sturdy hanging bridge.

Complimentary plated breakfast. Filipino and American style.

Across is one of the many events areas of Valentino.

After having dinner (we brought take-out) we went for a massage which was a bad idea—I couldn't enjoy it that well. The massage was ok nothing spectacular but the spa itself was very beautiful though.

The jacuzzi was heated but it would've been perfect if it was hotter.

How to get there by commuting

- From Alabang South Bus station, get on a bus bound for Batangas (~Php 100)
- Get off at Jollibee then onto a jeep (~Php 10) going to Lemery
- Ask the driver to drop you off at Valentino
- Walk to the entrance or ride a tryc (~Php 25)

How to get there by car

- We used waze and it was quite accurate and hassle free :)

Price breakdown

- Entrance for day trips are around Php 300-400
- Cabanas are around Php 500 (free to use of staying overnight ofcourse)
- The deluxe (1 bedroom for two) room was around Php2,500
- Massage around Php 500/person
- Every other amenity has a fee though (which I personally believe should be waived if you're staying overnight)


- Bring plastic bags/containers for trash (only 1 small bin inside the bathroom)
- Bring snacks and drinks if you like because there are no walking-distance stores
- Explore! Take pictures! Relax!


- They have room service
- Every spot we saw was picture ready
- They have 3 pools including an infinity pool
- There are trees and plants everywhere
- It's quiet and from the other reviews not a lot of people go there
- Free parking
- You can bring food (we brought our dinner + snacks)
- The room came with a complimentary plated breakfast
-  Inside the room the air conditioning and heater work well


- There's an extra fee I believe if you want to use the gym and court
- No plug adapters so you have to bring your own. The one in our room had the rounded cylindrical tips
- Wi-fi (we were told) was only available in the 'reception' area, so y'all have to rely on your data for those pic uploads
- Bring your hair care products (if you have long hair) and toothpaste because theirs is not substantial
- Their customer service could use work (we left our trash on a chair outside our door since there were no trash cans thinking they would be picked up in the morning. The next day, by the time we checked-out it was still there)
- Some of the staff could be nicer and more warm (you would think you'll be really taken care of as there weren't much people checked-in but...)
- The bed is a little stiff and the beddings were itchy and scratchy
- The room could use an updating in style and function as well as a general thorough cleaning. Maybe our room was just outdated and not the same as the other rooms there.

I would recommend this place for the over-all aesthetic, peace and quiet and mostly the pools. Definitely perfect for receptions, anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasion. AS for the price per night, it really doesn't differ from the neighbouring resorts' price range. It definitely is more of personal preference.

They're something to check out if you want to try something different from the sand-between-your-toes kind of getaway.


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Address : Brgy, San Jose, 4227 Batangas

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