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by - 01 July

So my penchant for Kbeauty has always come hand-in-hand with Korean cuisine. I'm always on the lookout for food and restaurants that I haven't tried. I wanted to try one of the many Korean restaurants/cafes in Ortigas and I decided on Sopoong Food House. I wanted something cold that day (we went there during the heat wave here in the PH around March or April) so cold desserts were the goal.

Injeolmi 인절미 Bingsu 빙수 (Korean Milk Ice Sorbet) is a Korean summer dessert. It's milk ice sorbet (shaved iced milk) with Korean glutinous rice cakes, mochi and sweetened red bean paste with roasted soybean powder.

It was surprisingly good, I was expecting otherwise because the "large" we ordered didn't look large at all (more of a medium) and it was Php 290. Don't expect it to "fill you" as it's definitely just something sweet cool you down.

It was decently priced naman. I would rather it be around Php 250 though, but it's not that bad. 

The actual rip-off was the "large" Aloe Drink in this superfluous mason jar. Yeah. No. For Php70, it was not worth it. It tasted like the generic aloe drinks you get from convenience stores for much cheaper.

If I were being an asshole, was extremely nitpicky, I wouldn't go back there. The other food choices weren't appetizing (based on the pictures) and I feel like they were way overpriced for what they were really worth. But I'm keeping an open mind, since I didn't really try their bestsellers. But this is a big, if-I-really-want-to-give-it-a-try-again.

The interiors were really nice though. Props for that.

Have you tried this dessert?


PS. I found a recipe! To those of you who want to make your own. It's modified of course and feel free to modify your Injeolmi to your taste as well!
PPS. Don't you think this is similar to the Philippines' Halo-halo? :)

Opening hours : 8 AM to 12 Midnight
Address : Ground Floor, Grand Emerald Tower,Ortigas Jr. Corner Garnet Road, Ortigas, Pasig City

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