Makeup Removal : What to use | Cleansing Creams, Balms, Oils and Waters

by - 09 July

As part of any makeup wearer's routine, makeup removal is priority in cleansing. Before your head hits that pillow your skin should be clean. There are different ways of taking off makeup but you're no lazy girl. You don't need "A Lazy Girl's Guide to Cleansing". If you're like me, you take makeup cleansing seriously.

But which one should you go for? There are a lot of ways to take off makeup, like I mentioned. Some face washes do it perfectly (ZA Cleansing Gel -- so good) other people prefer towelettes, but today we're focusing on cleansing creams/balms, cleansing oils and cleansing waters/micellar waters.

V6 - Vegeeco Cleansing Oil - P1,270 SALE P640
Perfect for the natural/organic-ingredient-loving type. Apart from having the proven powers of olive and almond it also contains stem-cell from super foods like tomato, rice and green tea.


Banila Co - Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser - P1,320 SALE P1,040
This sherbet-like balm cleanser literally melts off your makeup as you massage it in. You don't need a lot and it melts off waterproof makeup like nobody's business too, part of the reason why it's so famous.

Holika Holika - Gonyak Soft Jelly in Cleansing Cream - P534 SALE P400
Initially I was "okay" with how it performed with a damp cloth/wet wipe. It pretty decent but necessarily amazing until I tried washing it off with just water. Game changer. It's 4-Free too. Meaning there are NO silicones, NO benzophenone (linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and organ system toxicity. - source) , NO triethylamine anime (known human respiratory toxicant - source) and NO artificial color.

Note : This also emulsifies when it hits water! Like cleansing oils :)


The Saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Waters - P420 SALE P270
I use the green tea version and holy crap it's so good. It's been touted as an alternative to Bioderma's version only better because it's cheap. Takes off everything including waterproof mascara. You can skip cleansing creams and oils and just use this if you're only wearing light makeup.

Comes in 3 variants (White Tea, Green Tea and Tea Tree)

Which ones have you tried and/or want to try?


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