Affordable Non-sticky Glosses For People Who Hate Glosses

by - 26 June

affordable-non-sticky-glosses-cheap-drugstore-1Goopy, sheer, thick and extremely sticky. This was really popular in the early to mid-2000s. And I didn't really care for them. The smelt nicer than the typical lipsticks at the time. Came in cuter packaging and cool (Lizzie MacGuire a.k.a. life peg) people wore them. But I just couldn't get over the constant hair sticking to the lip scenario. Not to mention it looked like I ate something really oily because most lip glosses available to me were reaaaaaally sheer. So I stayed away from them.

I did use a lot of eyeliner though in college, freshman year, but that's another story.

Fast-forward to today glosses have come back into my good graces but not without hurdles. Sticky glosses are still out there especially in the affordable department but I've come across some gems that are worth checking out if you don't like sticky glosses. Plus they're affordable!

FS, Essence and Maybelline have impressed me in terms of colour pay-offf, texture and wear. I mean these aren't the most long wearing if you're comparing them with today's "it" item — matte liquid lipsticks, hello these are glosses. But if you're someone who's sworn off glosses because of what I wrote above you might want to look at these next time you're looking for something with a little shine.

Maybelline and Essence have the most interesting wands. They work as well as the typical doe-foot applicators in most glosses but I find Maybelline's "petal" tip just a notch better than the rest. Essence's want tip is also good because it's flat and "paddle"-like so you can get a more precise application.

FS Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Glossy Peony is something I would classify more as a gloss. Maybe if this was released 6 years prior it would be classified as a "liquid lipstick" but with better liquid lipstick formulas out there (not necessarily matte) it would be more apt to call this a gloss.

It has a peachy-muted-carnation colour to it. It applies smoothly and has nice sleek packaging (comes with a light in the wand). Feels light on the lips and doesn't have any particular smell.

Retails for under Php 500.

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss in Nude Candy is, for me, more of a "topping" gloss. I can't wear this alone because it's streaky as hell and makes my dry lips look drier. The colour is a white-based-light-pink that's more appropriate for someone with skin tone ranging from MAC NC/NW15 - NC/NW20 or NC/NW40 and up. It has very few white micro-shimmers running through it that are hardly noticeable (and barely felt). It also smells like sweet candy. :)

This feels slightly moisturizing on the lips and feels light. Sometimes I use this as my lip balm just to use it up at home and it does okay for my perpetually dry flaky lips.

Pssst...I heard this was a dupe for Nars' Turkish Delight.

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss in Wood of Roses. Can you tell I love this more than the Nude Candy? I mean look at that knowing smirk.

As I've mentioned this feels light and slightly moisturizing on the lips. The rosey-brown looks really nice on a lot of skin tones in my opinion. This does have multi-coloured micro-shimmers through it, some red, silver and gold but as you can see it's not frosty or overwhelmingly glittery. You don't feel the glitter too when you put your lips together.

Retails for under Php 200. Bought on sale for Php 99

Ah my top pick out of everything (Essence's Wood of Roses a close second) Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6. (This is called Colour Elixir in EU and US.) When you first look at the tube you'd expect a purple, but it's more of a berry-red when swatched. I wanted it to be more violet/purple but I don't mind as much. This one's completely devoid of micro-shimmers unlike the rest of the lip glosses mentioned.

The texture of this is quite interesting. This was marketed as a pigmented lip gloss + balm hybrid and it's spot on. The texture is creamy, smooth and thick but lightweight. It feels like you've just put on a lip balm. It keeps my lips hydrated, smooth and moist plus it gives really good colour and shine. You can apply it sheer or apply it full-on to get something like I did above. I just really like the way this feels on me! Plus it leaves a nice tint on the lips. :)

Retails for under Php 300.

What do you think of lip glosses in general? Have you tried anything from my picks?


PS. My "before" lips were scrubbed and moisturized with a balm for this review. I spared you my crusty lips in its natural form. I didn't prep them though when I took the Essence Nude Candy lip swatch. Which is why...

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