Liese Bubble Hair Colour Launch | Easy DIY Colour for Asian Hair

by - 18 June

It's really a Do-It-Yourself kind of DIY, not the Hey-I-need-your-help-sis/mom/bro/pet-to-put-this-mixture-that-smells-a-little-like-piss-on-me-DIY.

A lot of people have coloured hair here in the Philippines. And why not, it's a sure-fire way to revamp your look. I mean I've changed my hair's colour countless times whether at home or at the salon. Really good salons can get expensive, especially if you want something more than the typical shades of dark brown and sometimes salons can get it wrong too. Plus you're a busy superwoman juggling 10 things at once who has time to go to a salon anyway?

So you put your fate into your own hands and try to colour it yourself, but as most DIY box colours go, you end up with a blotchy mess and dry hair.

The magic of Liese Creamy Bubble Colour does away with that uneven, patchy end-result. Because it's legit easy to use by yourself. The colour is spread evenly because the bubbles reach areas where cream can't unless, like I mentioned, someone else does it for you.

liese_bubble_hair_color_launch_philippines_4Design your own bag booth. 

NOTE : Liese (Lee-Zay) is apparently very popular in Malaysia and Singapore apart from Japan.

liese_bubble_hair_color_launch_philippines_5This cotton candy was a MESS. Looked nice for pictures though. 

For Php 449 a box, it's at par with most boxed dyes at the store. Japan's #1 hair dye brand is number one for a reason. Their product is specially formulated for Asian hair and comes in a tonne of colours (16 originally).


How to Use

  1. Mix the formula in the bottle with the foamer cap
  2. Massage the solution into the hair
  3. Rinse the solution off after 30 minutes.
Instructions in English 

What's inside the box 

Liese BHC (Bubble Hair Color)—distributed by Vibelle locally— has six variants for us to choose from and they're all, understandably, in the brown family. It's too bad they didn't bring the other colours here because they have this black with a greenish tint to it that caught my eye.

Affordable. Goof-proof. 30 mins* to a new permanent hair colour. That's not bad at all. What do you think?


*30 mins depends on hair type and texture.
*If you know you have a sensitive scalp please do a patch test first! There's one included in the box. :)

PS. I was supposed to dye my hair using this, unfortunately, I had mine dyed BLACK and this won't work because of that so I had to give it away.

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