Review : 4U2 DreamGirl Faith BB Cream

by - 07 June

I put a cute little bird because it's cute, like this line. And because...why not?

The search for a nice affordable base is never done. I've had this for quite a while. The tube still has some product inside but I gave up on making it work on my skin. It just doesn't look right. Read on for what I think.

BelAir Cosmetics, the company that made the brand 4U2 (and this BB Cream), is a US company but made in Thailand. Understandably it's quite popular in Thailand as well as Malaysia and the Philippines.


Packaging  |  Price

I quite like the simple tube packaging. The whole "Love Pink" line is very affordable. The packaging is pretty evident that it's catered to the much younger (teen/pre-teen) crowd. I don't really care that much about the teeny-bopper-ness of the packaging as long as the product performed to my standards.


Texture  |  Scent  |  Application 

It's creamy, smooth and mouse-y (not runny). On the skin it feels very lightweight. It kinda has this medicated scent to it. I prefer this type of scent than the generic makeup or foundation smell.

Application is easy. Using a dense brush it gives a medium coverage from the get-go. Opting for a sponge (or a damp one) yields a lighter coverage. You can build up the coverage, but I feel like it won't be legitimately "full coverage". It's close though. It sets pretty quickly on me, so I can easily touch my face right afterwards and not feel any stickiness. It also doesn't dry out my skin. It can make dry patches look a little obvious though.


As for the colour-match. Oy vey. The dreaded BB cream dilemma especially for Asian brands. This BB cream only comes in one shade. And it's a very peachy-pink-neutral leaning to cool one at that. So it looks off on me and you know from 10 feet away that my face doesn't match my neck. I look pink and ashy. Yes it's possible.



Looking at the swatch you'd think that there's a decent amount of warmth or yellow in it. I believe it oxidizes to a more cooler tone or maybe that's just on me. Either way there's only one shade and it won't be a one-size-fits-all thing, it rarely is. If you're a fair, light or NC/NW 20-25 in shade you might match with this.

For wear/longevity, it lasted well (around 5-8 hours) on my normal-dry sensitive skin with oily t-zone. It has a tendency to cling to dry patches as I've said because of the texture. It did significantly fade at the end of the day but in a graceful way. It didn't crack, coagulate (whut) or separate on me. It just lost pigment and I think it's a really nice aspect of this.


I also have a problem with how it's marketed as BB cream. "Real" legitimate BB creams, at the very least Korean ones, always have SPF in them plus other nice ingredients for the skin. Always. Otherwise it's called foundation. So I was pretty bummed that this didn't contain any sun protection at all. I feel like I wasted my money with this. It's not a lot of money but for something that I didn't like and was never going to use again (not a bb cream people) it's still money.

There are a lot of good things about this BB cream, make no mistake. The only caveat (for me) ultimately is the usual cry for better shade selection. I mean I didn't even bother with a face swatch. Just imagine a ruddy-ashy face. Apart from the terrible shade selection, it has performed well. Ultimately though I wouldn't get this again nor would I recommend it.


PS. Wore the foundation for about 6 - 8 times. I tried to make it work by mixing it with other foundations but the gray and ruddiness still shows through.
PPS. I know there are foundations with SPF and/or firming/moisturizing/anti-aging claims. It's just that when you say BB cream (or CC cream) it's supposed to be a "supercharged", "next-level" tinted moisturizer. This 4U2 one, for me, is just foundation. Suffice to say my faith was eradicated with this BB. Eh?Eh?Eh?*nudge**nudge* *hint**hint*... :'( Ok...

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