Long-wearing liquid blush for the heat : EB Pillow Pop

by - 24 June

I'm obsessed with these. And not the typical online beauty influencer obsesssed. I actually really like these and reach for them regularly.

Local love Ever Bilena, released these Pillow Pop liquid blushes last year and I'm late, but y'all I'm so impressed.👏

These liquid blushes tout hyaluronic acid and vitamin e as their main 'sell' that gives a 'dewy' glow. But I find that the finish is quite skin-like, if not matte. I don't see anything particularly 'dewy' about the finish but that's not what I came for anyway. Most dewy liquid blushes I've tried lately are on the verge of sticky and in this pantropiko heat, that's a no-no. 🙅‍♂️Who wants their hair to stick to their face and leave streaks of blush in their wake? Not I.

Pigmented, buildable and non-sticky, the Pillow Pop [I love saying that] blushes come in minimalist frosted screw-top component that have a whopping 15 grams in them. And for P275, it's giving she's pretty and wa-is.

The bang for the buck definitely won me over. That and the chonky-ass applicator.

The consitency is similar to gel-lip tints and which is why I apply these on my lipst too for a more cohesive look. Or if I'm lazy and pressed for time. It glides and blends out nicely on my dry skin. Be careful though and apply in dots, it can get out-of-hand fast.

My favourite way to apply is using damp sponges but fingers and brushes work fine as well.

When I tell you this lasts the whole day. From 8AM to 6PM it's still as vibrant as when I first applied it. This has got to be my most recet favourite thing from Ever Bilena since...forever I think.

Fresno is a warm sienna. Rouge is a vibrant hot pink.

Have you tried this? Will you? What are your thoughts on 'dewy' liquid blushes that are really sticky? I personally loathe them. Because why???



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