The Prestigious RAWR Awards: LionhearTV Commending Showbiz Excellence for the 9th year

by - 18 November


The annual RAWR Awards is here upon us before 2023 ends. LionhearTV, the famous entertainment-lifestyle platform, is gearing up for its #9thRAWRAwards where persons in the showbiz industry are recognized and commended for their efforts in entertainment.

Bloggers, PR groups and fans flock to the site to vote for their favourite nominated personalities in different forms of media , namely social media, radio and tv.

Year after year, the RAWR Awards are presented through the platform. These accolades are dedicated to individuals who have left an indelible mark on the industry. Divided into 4 principal categories Lion, Cub, Pride, and SILOG Awards, many vote for their top choices for each category and sub category.

(Favorite Kontrabida Nominees :John Arcilla (Dirty Linen), McCoy de Leon (FPJ’s Batang Quiapo) Jake Cuenca (The Iron Heart,) Martin del Rosario, (Voltes V Legacy), Pinky Amador (Abot Kamay Na Pangarap) ,Klea Pineda (AraBella), Janella Salvador (Darna) & Daniela Stranner (Senior High)

The Lion Awards feature nine subcategories
Click on each category to vote.

(Female News Personality Nominees : Karen Davila,Kara David,BernadetteSembrano,Vicky Morales ,Mel Tiangco,Korina Sanchez,Pinky Webb & Jessica Soho)

The Cub Awards have nine subcategories
Click on each category to vote.

(Fashion & Beauty Nominees : Geraldine Rivera, Angel Dei Peralta, Crisha Uy,Marj Maroket,Ida Anduyan,Pau Pelaez,Ken Dayandayan,Maria Joycenyl)

Lastly, the SILOG Awards boast an impressive array of 17 subcategories, celebrating digital influencers and content creators, spanning domains like
Click on each category to vote.

(Favorite LGBTQIA influencer nominees : Vice Ganda, Angelina Mead King, Deanna Wong and Ivy Lacsina, Mela Habijan, Turing Quinto, Sarah Garcia, Roanne and Tina & Wear Sunscreen)

Fans play a pivotal role in determining the victors, holding 66.66% of the voting authority. This authority is parceled into two equitable segments: 33.33% from online votes via the official website and KTX and another 33.33% from online searches conducted within LionhearTV, Dailypedia, and PH Entertainment. The remaining 33.33% is contributed by the blogging community, PR entities, and brand partners.

Show your support by voting for your favourite/s from each category ! Voting ends on December 4, 11:59PM.

(Drag Influencer of the Year Nominees : Precious Paula Nicole, Miss Jade So, Pura Luka Vega, Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Captivating Katkat, Taylor Sheesh & Bernie Diday)

These awards aren't merely about celebrating creators, achievers and personalities and their fans but also serve as thanks to the backers and allies of LionhearTV since the awards' inception in 2015.

Congratulations to all the nominees and let's get to voting! 


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