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by - 24 November

Have I mentioned these perform too? Read on to for my thoughts on this ₱120-150 local brand lip liners. If you're into lipsticks you might think you don't need a lipliner, but it really makes a difference. 


lip liner photo close up

I discovered the power of lipliners when I was trying to do the 'overlined pouty lip' to make it a little more plumper and yes over-all bigger.

ever bilena lip liner close up with names

Keyword here is trying to do. Over time though I learned the trick for my particular lip shape and size. I only need to very slightly overline, like barely out of my lip line in order for my lips to look a little poutier.

To start with I don't have thin lips. My lips are quite rounded already and I would say average sized. So when I over-line a little it looks like I put lip plumpers because...DSLs. Period.

arm skin swatch of the ever bilena lip liners

EB Matte liner and Kris Matte Lip Liners

Packaging : Twist up. No sharpener included.
Texture : Creamy and soft but not brittle.
Scent : No fragrance or very faint if any.
Pay-off : Pigmented. As you can see below.
Finish : Matte but not drying/powdery.
Lasting-power : On i's own, lasting power is average after light eating and drinking. There's still color on the lipline going inside and there's still color over-all but quite faded.

lip swatches of the liners

In terms of its reaction to my dry lips, it doesn't moisturize or make it soft nor do I expect it to. I wouldn't say it dries it out. As the packaging says, it's a matte lip liner and I agree. It's quite a natural matte finish on me. I do recommend you to always exfoliate before any traditional matte bullets.

For this product, I think it would look better if your lips were moisturized, but the most prep I would do in general is slather on a thick lipbalm.

I've used this in conjunction with my BLK matte lippies and with my Sunnies Face Fluffmatte bullets and they work seamlessly together. These perform well at their price point and I don't think I'd want to explore anything else, because these work perfectly already.

Let me know if you've tried these and how you like it. What other cheap lip products do you like?


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