From Coffee to Inuman : Where to gather this Holiday Season

by - 14 December

MARIKINA — Known as the shoe capital of the Philippines because of the long history of quality shoe making, I find that in the recent years it has steadily begun to be known more for something other than their leather craftsmanship —their food.

Or more specifically their local bistros, restaurants, pubs, cafes and of course food parks. With eateries popping up here and there it still amuses me (a non-local) that there can even be 'secret' restaurants within subdivisions and in between residential houses.

With the holidays nearing comes the numerous parties/inumans/coffee dates get-togethers you want a place you can gather comfortably. Here are some spots in Marikina to help you narrow down your choices.

For tea/coffee dates

Bubba Lab
This 'scientist's lab' inspired cafe is total ig fodder. Bubba Lab's industrial feel, the indoor plants, the kitschy decor and the wooden furniture accents give something a little more different than more popular tea joints in the metro.

Tip: Skip the food and desserts. It's nothing to write home about. Just head straight to their drinks.

Price : 65 - 180 per person
Location : Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Niño / C&B Circle Mall Marikina Heights / Graceland Plaza JP Rizal

For dinner gatherings

Antonio J
When in doubt, Filipino food never fails and here at Antonio J's it's done very well. Delicious food that's worth the price. The servers are attentive and nice. The place itself is cozy but enough for groups of 10.

Tip: Try their Kare-kare and ribs!

Price : 300-500 per person
Location : Ground floor C&B Circle Mall Marikina Heights

If the group's feeling more American, this place serves amazingly fall-off-the bone ribs, yummy barbeque, tender steaks and porkchops. The decor is very Americana and country-home-esque. The star of this place though is the outdoor seating especially at night. This is perfect for large groups of friends and family as the servings are generous.

Tip: Try to get a outside and opt for the group platters! They're more worth it for groups.

Price : 300-500 per person
Location : Gil Fernando Ave., Santo Nino

For drinking sessions

Lots of seating options for smaller or bigger groups and you can either listen to bands or sometimes comedy acts OR opt to sit outside on their patio. The food is a hit or miss (nachos are a safe bet though) but go here for their cocktail towers. Absolutely worth the money especially if you're in a group.

Location : Gil Fernando Ave., Santo Nino
Price : ~200-300 per person

Roadside bar
Their al-fresco seating area is great with the cool night breeze and lovely acoustics of the live performances. The cocktails will have you reaching your sugar limit after 2 glasses so opt for beers or ask them not to make it too sweet.

Location : Gil Fernando Ave., Santo Nino
Price : ~150-250 per person

Which of these places have you visited and what do you recommend?


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