LOL Highlighter : Pretty and Affordable

by - 08 July

Highlighting has two sides. The au natural glow and the show-stopper blinding shine. If you're a fan of both this might be something interesting for you but keep in mind it's tricky to work with.

The first time I saw this powder highlighter I thought, "Wow. That's a pretty good deal. 2 colours in one palette". Granted it was a brand that catered to the younger crowd, the packaging did feel pretty cheap.


The texture is very soft and smooth but extremely powdery. There'a s lot of fall-out and you have to tap off quiet a bit before putting it on your face because the bits are going to fly all over your face. The powder itself looks a little chunky to me, the glitters are fine but not as fine as I would like. I'm more of a 'subtle glow' versus obvious glitter. Yes you could only apply a little and get more of a glow for sure but the chunks I can't get over with.

It has great pigment though and reflects light very well. The colours are very nice. One champagne and one that's copper.

Main problem / Deal-breaker

Despite it looking nice and the affordable price tag (around Php 199?) the pigment falls all-over my face whenever I use it. So I do end-up looking like I put highlighter everywhere even if I just put it on top of my cheeks. The chunks are also something I can't get over. I have tried using the L'Oreal makeup setting spray and yes it does keep it put BUT it still falls down and gets everywhere at the end of the day.


It's cheap. It lasts quite well especially with a setting spray but it will get all over all your makeup (where you didn't put highlighter on). If that's something you're ok with go ahead. Maybe use it along with a facial moisturizer/bb cream/cc cream for a glowy base?

Have you tried this? Or this particular brand? Let me know below!


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