For the Brides and Grooms | Platinum VS. Gold — Which is better?

by - 29 January

You know the feeling when you're spoilt with options you don't really know where to begin or even HOW to begin? I could only imagine the people who are getting married (thanks to my FB feed) choose their rings. Engagement AND wedding rings to be precise. (maaaan getting married is expensive af)

Gold is typically the most popular due to tradition, society but also for its qualities. (It's more precious than silver, another precious metal). But if you prefer a white-coloured metal but don't like silver, there's white-gold or platinum.

Either option is a great but if you're looking for the best quality here's a little something to weigh your options.

Platinum is supposedly harder (source) making it theoretically a better choice to secure and safeguard the diamonds (or other gems) inside your rings. As opposed to gold which will get worn thin with time. Some people are also allergic to (alloys inside) white-colored gold so you won't have this problem with platinum since it is hypo-allergenic...BUT...

Whilst it may be true that platinum is harder than gold in its purest form, 18k white gold is mixed with other metals, most commonly palladium, silver and copper to make it harder. This results in 18k white gold being harder than platinum alloys, which are most commonly 95% platinum. - Jogia Diamonds

So there you have it. Gold is the way to go. A tip according to jewellers is to mix both platinum and gold for durability.

Valentine's day is also coming up so spend a little something something for your other half or just treat 'yo self to a little sumthin sumthin'. You deserve a little bling ;)

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