GLAMCONMNL 2018 Experience | A Quick Recap

by - 23 January

I just got back from the highly anticipated beauty-blogger laden beauty event of the year (featured here) and here's a little recap.

A disclaimer. I received a free pass to the event.  A "Glamderella" pass to be precise, and per pass (there are 4 categories) you are allowed access to certain areas.

The Glamderella pass had access to all the talks and the booths that offered the free makeup makeuover and hair. And of course the chance to meet-and-greet their favorite beauty bloggers/ You tubers/Influencers.

Now to be honest unless you're a super fan of the featured beauty influencers or a fan of these kinds of talks in general, getting the cheapest pass won't get you very far.

Even the second cheapest if I may be a little bold. The truest best experience (imo) you can get at the event was if you had the top 2 higher tiered passes, which had access to makeup classes and lots of freebies in the loot bag. (for reference sake I had a water bottle in mine)

The event was from 9AM to 10PM I believe and for the most part the scheduled events were on-the-dot. So props for that. I was there from around 2PM to 5. The event place itself was HUGE for the small amount of people present whilst I was there, so the booths looked tiny in contrast. It felt like nothing much was going on understandably there really wasn't much available to me. So I guess the experience felt bare to me.

Maybe my tune would be different if I stayed longer to truly experience the whole event but unfortunately my schedule wouldn't permit me.

All-in-all I would categorize the event a success as it's one of the smoothest (in terms of structure) beauty conferences I've attended. Plus the decor, props, stage design etc looked really good snaps for the organizers.

Have you been to GLAMCONMNL? What did you think? Let me know!


PS. Thanks for the opportunity Leo My!

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