W7 Honolulu Bronzer Review and Swatches

by - 07 October

Cue the "Oh I thought it was Benefit!"s and "You mean Hoola right?"s. This cute little boxed powder obviously blatantly mirroring the more high-end brand is not to be snubbed just because they're copying (a tonne of brands do this, high-end or drugstore...mostly drugstore).

This is a very nice little warm sun-kissed look in a box, a 10th (or 16th) of the price of the high-end version. Read on for more.

W7 is a popular high-street(drugstore) brand in the UK and Europe for their very very affordable products that cater (mostly) to tweens and teens because of the packaging.

I really don't mind the packaging at all but I wish that the brush it came with, which is super soft and extremely usable especially for contour, had a little elastic holder on the lid of the box for a little more convenience.

On the pan it looks like a very warm mid-toned brown. Swatched out there's definitely some red in it but nothing oompa-loompah-ish. It's pigmented but workable for beginners as it's soft and easily blends-out.

w7-honolulu-swatch-bronzer-dupe-hoola-2Because of the softness, I find it powdery which I don't really care about unless we're talking about eyeshadows (which I go back and forth with depending on the product).

This is definitely more of a bronzer rather than a contour. You see more 'red' in the swatch which personally gives me a more realistic 'bronze-y tan' / 'colour' as per my complexion.

It can look a little more orange depending on your skintone, if you're about a medium-olive this can work for you.

The 'white'-ness in my base is more of the SPF bouncing off.

I mainly use bronzers to correct light base products on me. I think this is a fairly decent bronzer for anyone on the hunt for an affordable one.

For the price, which is about £ 3.00 - 5.00 I think it's worth checking out.

Got this from @BeautyShopPH on Instagram. I think they're on Shoppee too!


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