Why is Exfoliation Important?

by - 30 September

why is exfoliating important and how often should you do it?
I'm guilty of skipping a few days to a week without scrubbing my body (when it comes to my face I'm more diligent though). I know very well sloughing off dead skin is important to help blood circulate and to help renew skin but how important is it really? Read on to find out!

What is 'Exfoliation'?
Long story short, it's the removal of dead skin cells on the top-most layer of your skin by either mechanical exfoliation by using of scrubs or beads or chemical exfoliation through special acids that dissolve the dead skin cells without scrubbing.

Why is it important?
In order to maintain glowing and healthy soft skin, exfoliation is needed to remove those dead skin cells. It also helps to promote cell turnover (production of new cells). As the our body ages the cell turnover slows down and excess skin piles on top of each other which is why lackluster, dull and wrinkly skin is common.

Exfoliation also makes your skincare products work better. Since there's no more dead skin cells, the skincare penetrates and is absorbed by the skin more.

Mechanical Exfoliation or Chemical?
There are two types of exfoliation one is by using scrub with seeds, beads (say no to plastic beads! here's why), shells, salt, sugar, coffee grounds, nuts, grains etc.

And the other one is by using chemicals, acids, peels and micro derma abrasion. It would depend on your preference but some experts say that chemical exfoliation is a little bit better as it doesn't scratch the skin/tear it through grains/beads and since it's usually in liquid form it penetrates the skin better.

Don't worry, salt and sugar are still good mechanical scrubbers. Even if they are a little abrasive they easily dissolve with water. That's not to say chemical ones are bad. Take the infamous water-based Japanese brand —Cure. It works to take off dead skin cells while not resorting to physical scrubbers. These kinds are recommended more for those with sensitive skin, especially for the face.

How often?
Depending on your skin type. But it's generally accepted that it should only be once a week for the face. For the body it's up to the individual's preference. Everyday other day (even every day if the exfoliant isn't that harsh) should be perfectly fine.

If you want to pamper yourself and don't want to deal with the preparation, clean-up etc. you can go to a scrubbing salon like Whipped! (links below if you're interested)

How about you? Which scrub do you use and how often do you do it?


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