F.A.T. : Trying Out Fuel Burgers

by - 10 January

Create-your-own and made-on-the-fly burgers aren't new to the food scene. But one that's at the same price point (plus actually good) as the heavily processed and controversial fast-food burgers - now that's something new. Well at least to me.

After a few hours of hard-core and sweat-induced lollygagging, my sister and I went to Megamall's (Makati) food area (directly facing the supermarket) to satisfy our hunger and settled upon Fuel Burgers for our my burger craving.

The wait wasn't that long and the process was fairly easy since the menu wasn't complicated as let's say Teddy's. I take so long ordering from there; so many options. (one might argue that it's too many.)

The decent-sized meal was plated on a wooden board with parchment paper to soak up some drippings. A+ people. The plastic utensils were a little useless since they can't cut shit still, A+ on the presentation.

The vegetables still had some bite to them, the patty was seasoned enough and cooked well. Not the glued together kind of meat (you know the kind). The buns were soft, fluffy and had some denseness to it. The oatmeal crumbs on the top made for a good looking bun.

As for the fries. They were okay. As standard as I fry can be.

All in all it was good. The meal with the drink I believe was around Php 190? Give or take Php 200. It was absolutely value for the money. 100% I would go there again. Don't expect a ton of seating though as the spacing allocated to each "restaurant" at the food area is limited.

I don't know if it was only a promo at the time but do check it out if you're nearby and craving for some cheap but very decent burgers.


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