5 Things To Keep In Mind To Be Happy This 2016

by - 06 January

Majority of 2015 I was feeling unqualified and insatiable, unworthy and bullheaded. I was feeling down but I didn't really like that; It didn't feel good so I trudged on. I denied what I was feeling and the more I did that and the more my life refused to adhere to what I was envisioning, the heavier my heart sank.

In retrospect I didn't realize that I had a lot going for me this past year, i.e. my blog. It's easy to overlook the small accomplishments in face of your perceived "goals" or success. I like to think I've grown this past year. :)

I already know and understand everything below but I do slip sometimes so I like to remind myself of these nuggets of wisdom. Here are five things I want to take in with me into 2016.

Never compare your life to others
It is extremely easy to compare how your life is going to your peer's when you open your Facebook. Extremely easy. Those "instagram models" and young hot celebrities that go to exotic places before they're even legal to drink can make some put on those emerald green shades.

But you have to understand, what people post on their social profiles are highlights of what they want you to see.  Most of these are stories they concocted to make it seem like their life is smooth sailing all the way, but it's rarely that. Everyone has struggles, they might not just post it.

Your success is defined by you. Not by your school, parents, friends and society.
Have a great job after college. Get an amazing house by 30. Have a family before 35.  Retire by 40. Have your own thriving start-up as soon as you can. Etc. Etc. Etc. You know how that goes.

Remember, this is your life. Your rules. Success for a fisherman is getting enough to sell and take home for the family whilst success for a CEO might be closing a billion-dollar deal. Success is subjective. It's a state of mind. It differs from person to person.

Celebrate those "small" accomplishments!
Getting up early for 2 weeks straight after perpetually being a night owl. Quitting caffeine after years of being a coffee junkie. Signing up for a dance class when you have two left feet.

Those things might seem inconsequential compared to your other "real" "adult" goals, but habits and long term success start from those little seemingly inconsequential things. So pat yourself on the back. It might not seem much for now but keeping to consistency very rarely doesn't pay off.

If your friendship/relationship becomes toxic. Walk away.
Friends. Family. Business. Bottom line if they're hurting you even after civil communication and trying to understand them, just leave. Not that you should burn bridges, you should just walk away.

It's not giving up. It's choosing your happiness.

Don't be afraid to say yes. Don't be afraid to say no.
It's tricky. "Fear of missing out" is a real and valid thing. It's also not good to agree to everything then force yourself to enjoy it. But once you get to master it you know who to say no to or who to say yes to. Including opportunities.

My blog didn't start picking up until late 2014 to early 2015. At the start of last year, I've been consistent with posts, pictures and updates. I said yes to most opportunities that fell on my lap. Opportunities that made me grow as a professional and as a person and if it weren't for that I wouldn't have met new and interesting people. I wasn't afraid to say no too. Other things that fell on my lap felt off-brand and just off  period, so I politely refused. And that's ok.

How about you? Any life lessons you learned last 2015? How are you planning to attack 2016? :)


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