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by - 13 January

For the latter part of 2015, I dare say I've accumulated a few new lip things. This isn't counting the already sizeable lip "things" I currently own. But let's just focus on these fairly recent ones. Besides I haven't done a makeup haul post in a while.

Most were bought but two in particular were given as gifts by family (EB Advance Liquid Lipstick and Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm). Here's a run-down with the prices.

  • Pinkies Collection in Calalily and Bark - Php 169 (Price is currently Php 199)
  • Secret Key Chubby Jelly Tint Pack in Plum Purple - Php 300
  • EB Advance Liquid Lipstick in Soft Lace - Php 180
  • Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6 - Php 150 (Sale)
  • Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry - around Php 287 (Sale)
  • Essence XXL Shine Lipgloss in Nude Candy and Wood of Roses - Php 50 each (YES)
You know how enabling instagram is. With the perfectly arranged outfit, lunch, motd or ootd it can both be inspirational and envy-inducing. Especially with makeup, at least for me. I got these Pinkies Collections Matte Lipsticks after I've seen a few pictures of it online. I have swatched a few in person way before I saw the pictures, but turned the other cheek as I deemed it too drying or too unwearable. That is until someone posted Bark. Next thing I knew I was at the counter with said colour and another in tow—Calalily. Both are "natural" "nude" colours. Bark is a deep mauvey-old-rose kind of shade while Calalily is a light pinky light-nude beige—perfect for dark dramatic looks.

As for the Maybelline Lip Polish (Or Colour Elixir depending on the country) they were having a 50% off and Php 100 off sale on a lot of their items so being the opportunistic little twit beauty enthusiast that I was, I grabbed a shade that really "spoke" to me. I just wanted to try out the texture and Glam 6, a seemingly creamy (non-glitter) deep purple shade was something a little more unique in my eyes. That and there weren't a lot of choices at the time. Touted as the first of its kind, this liquid lipstick+balm+gloss hybrid is smooth, moisturizing and pigmented. It's a pretty and shiny non-sticky lip gloss for non-lipgloss wearers (me).

pinkies_collection_bark_callalily_secret_key_lip_tint_pack_revlon_matte_balm_essence_lip_gloss_EB_Ever_Bilena_Liquid_lipstick_Maybelline_Lip_polish_glam6_haul_3I asked my sister to buy me the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry  as my advanced Christmas gift a few months before December. It was on sale for half off and I've wanted to try it for the longest time. I settled for one of the three shades available because these were flying off the shelves. Apparently our Revlon here hasn't been that generous (huge discounts) in a long time. Sultry is a deep old-rose shade a tad similar to bark (I'll be investigating this soon). A little mauvey but on my lips pulls a little more brick red. It's still pretty and moisturizing despite the matte part in the name. It's so weird using something dubbed as a matte balm, but it does feel really comfortable. Not at all drying. Glides on smoothly and really delivers on pigment akin to a matte lipstick. Good job me.

Same story as the Maybelline Lip Polish, I got suckered in by Essence Cosmetic's half-off sale and settled on Nude Candy and Wood of Roses. I figured if they were too sheer I can always put them on top of my lipsticks to alter the colour. Surprisingly these pack quite the pigment. It's not as sheer as I thought especially Wood of Roses—a slightly reddish brown with multi-coloured shimmers. Also it's not as sticky as I thought. Like the Lip Polishes, these are very comfortable to wear. As you can see there are glitters but they aren't chunky nor do they look "kiddy", you know like play makeup? It also has a scent that reminds me strongly of Fruit Loops (a little "kiddy" but who cares).

I learned that Nude Candy, the creamy baby nude pink with silver shimmers, is a good dupe for Nars' Turkish Delight lip-gloss.

If you remember my post about the Korean gimick that is the lip tint packs/masks, you'd know that while I was intrigued I was also perplexed. So I got one to try out. Ssssh it's for SCIENCE.

I think it's a little pricey considering you need to use a thick application each time but it stays true to the lip tint claim. The gimick lasted until after the first try then I realized I'd rather use a regular lip tint than wait for this to dry and peel costing me precious minutes. Minutes I could be using to eat.

I'm still testing these out but I'll definitely be posting reviews about most of them. What do you want reviewed first? Let me know!


PS. Maybelline only had the sale until Dec 31, 2015. Revlon isn't on sale anymore :(. Essence might have a few things still on sale but I wouldn't bet on it.

Review of the Pinkies Collection Matte Lipsticks and lip pencil here.
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