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by - 02 October

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Whenever my sister and I go out we always make sure to check out new spots whether or not we're craving for anything in particular. Initially we went to Greenfield District for the weekend market, but apparently they changed it up so what was the usual 12 AM closing time was now changed to a very inconvenient 12 PM. Damn. [for reference we were there at around 8 PM]

So like any young'un with the munchies we set out to El Hijo de Cabra one of the few brick and mortar restaurants at Greenfield [and the slightly more upscale relative of El Chupacabra.]

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Prices were fair relative to their location. Some items were a little up there in price for me but I can't say for sure because I haven't tried a lot of them yet you never know, the serving size and/or taste might justify the price. I ordered the Gringas [my staple at El Chupacabra] and my sister got the Fish tacos.

While waiting I decided to take a few pictures of the decor. The interior was extremely nice and colorful. It had a very laid-back, chill "neighborhood" vibe and as we learned from one of their signs, they're relatively new. The days we came in was actually their "test run week/day"?

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I ordered the cheese, garlic and onion / cheese and garlic [I forgot which one] and it had a sufficient amount of cheese. The other flavors inside were distinct enough but not overpowering. I admit the food's nom factor was mainly because of the tasty dips [mmmm pesto]. They were good but I think the tortillas at El Chupacabra's were bigger... I have to go back to make sure. [yay!]

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I can definitely excuse the "unliveliness" and "deadpan" service because they were still on a test run. Not that I was expecting them to be perpetually smiling, peppy and *clap* *clap* happy-to-serve every 15 minutes [customer service is HARD work yo] but it definitely made me feel just a tiny bit unwelcome especially since I was looking for a highlight to my visit as the food wasn't particularly exceptional.

I'll try their other offerings next time I'm in the area.


PS. We went there last August 20th.
PPS. Food blogging is hard oh my god. I will read up more on proper food blogging and of course educate my uncouth self on describing flavor. Which is 100000x harder because I don't really cook.
PPPS. I mean I do know how to cook *scoffs*. If it involves, frying, boiling, pasta-ing, soup-ing and assembling, I got your back.

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