Cheap but not really — Cèleteque Cleansing Oil Review

by - 25 September


There are a myriad of ways to remove makeup before the usual facial wash/soap. There's the popular micellar water/cleansing water/cleansing lotion that you use a cotton pad/ball with, the lazy-girls' best friend — cleansing wipe, the cleansing cream, the cleansing gel-wash hybrid and the cleansing oil.

Out of all these, my favorites are the gel wash (absolute favorite is the ZA one) cleansing cream with a cleansing wipe and cleansing oil.

I got to try the pretty affordable cleansing oil by Cèleteque from last July's BDJ Box. I say affordable because it's just Php 199 but you only get 50 ml and that's my main gripe about this product.




It completely removes light makeup on my face (light BB, blush, powder and eyebrow product) with about 5 ml of oil. For more heavy duty bases (heavy foundation, eyebrow, powder, mascara, blush, contour, highlight etc.) I have to use a lot to the point of my face almost dripping massage through then leave it in for a few seconds more than usual. Very minimal traces of makeup will be left after I cleanse with my usual face wash.

As for waterproof mascara, a separate mascara remover should be used as even after toner I'd still have tiny specks of (washable) mascara left.

Yes you will have cloudy vision if it gets in your eyes which is the case with most oil removers. As for the scent, fragrance is listed in the ingredient break-down, but I find no discernable scent from it.


I do like the oil itself. I do. But holy crap this little bottle only lasted a little over a month. And I don't even wear makeup everyday. If you calculate it Php 200/50 ml (Php 400/100ml) is not as affordable as it seems because I use a lot of oil just to completely remove my most minimal (in terms of product quantity) of makeup looks.


Another reason why I won't repurchase is because it's a screw-top lid. I'd much rather have a pump for ease of use and should I need an additional amount to what I already applied [bottle slips and becomes grimy if I grab it with my already oiled up hands].

It's a good travelling buddy because of the size but in terms of my personal needs it's a no-go.

Have you tried this one? Or any other cleansing oils that you don't like/like?


PS. Currently using Biore cleansing oil and I love the smell!

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