What's been eating me lately Vol. 5

by - 06 October

If you've been slowly but surely bombarded with random Christmas songs at the store, at the mall or radio then you know Christmas is upon us. It's not as worse as November wherein after the first week every single day, wherever you go there will be a yuletide jingle playing. *Let's get through October - and its holidays- first shall we?*

That's when you realize that a year has gone by and think what the hell I'm still here? But I am glad I've been consistent with my posts. My subconscious probably decided it was finally time to review the rest of my shit that's just sitting here.

I have been reading a lot of ebooks lately. Mostly fanfics. Actually only fanfics. But omg it's so hard to find one wattpadd ebook that has good grammar and a clear pov (I've read ebooks that switch from first person to third person omniscient without warning)

Listening to

Rick and Morty Season 2

If you're into Adult Cartoons (Family Guy but leagues better) and/or Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. This is god-sent. Despite the obvious stupidity it's smart and adresses t....just watch the fucking show.

How people can be so close-minded as to hate the word feminism. There are some extremists who take it too far (that's why they're called extremists) but isn't that much more reason to rally and support the cause more so people know what real feminists (people who support the social, political and economic equality of ALL -yes LGBT too- sexes) look like?

That people stop hating the word Feminism and using the term "Feminazis" to describe women who whole-heartedly present personal, deep and passionate encounters and thoughts they have on the matter. Discounting the whole movement because of extremists (which a lot of political, economic and social groups have) is not only unjust but perpetuates the thought that we don't need equality and all feminists are spouting nonsense, non-issues and just want to burn their bras all day and kill men. You know just because.

My favorite gray shirt and cycling shorts. Thinking of doing yoga before I sleep...hmmm

My consistency with writing! Yay!

A massage!

Neutral. But a little happy. Happy-Neutral?


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