Stop Makeup Shaming

by - 28 August

Let me wear my fucking makeup.

"You wear too much makeup."

Maybe you've said it or you might have been on the receiving end. But unbeknownst  to many it can be embarrassing or even detrimental to the psyche or confidence of the one you're saying it to. Let's dissect this a bit, what exactly is makeup shaming?

Makeup shaming is when you judge people by how much or how little makeup they wear and/or whether they're male or female.

I've been guilty of this years ago when I was younger. I used to think makeup was only for super special occasions. So whenever I saw anyone outside that "socially acceptable" norm I would judge fiercely and say something like "Mag-dedebut is ate" or "San yung party?" (She's going to a debutante's ball. / Where's the party? Effect is heightened with the added sneer or eye-roll.)

It's so so embarrassing for me to admit it but I was that person. I take back and I deeply apologize to all the people I've said that to even if the comments were just to myself.

"You don't have to wear makeup. You're pretty enough."

There's this misconception that if you wear makeup, you're compensating for something which is [more often than not] your natural "unpretty" face (total BS).

Now, everyone has their reason/s for wearing makeup. Some people think it's fun and should be an enjoyable hobby for anyone. Others use it to channel their creativity and artistry. Others use it to just feel a little more put-together and be ready for what's ahead of them by concealing or perfecting a few features. Or even a combination of all mentioned. 

Remember, you're beautiful with or without makeup. 

"Boys can't wear makeup. Only girls can."

I feel like we're still leagues behind on unbiased acceptance regarding boys liking or wearing makeup. And when men do wear makeup, they're labeled as "gay", "transgender", "metrosexual" (stupid term TBH) or "lacking moral/ fatherly support". As if it can only be tolerable when a guy is gay, vain, effeminate and/or didn't have someone traditionally paternal to look up to.

Let's get this straight (pun not intended).

Makeup shouldn't only be a woman-thing. It's makeup. Why are we putting genders on it? In the early times, makeup was a symbol of wealth and power. It was socially acceptable and actually even necessary for men to have a little something on their face so they can be separated from the lower-class [who couldn't afford such luxuries].

I believe it only changed because of marketing. Makeup shifted its target and focused solely on women, which made it weird for men to be seen wearing or even going near cosmetics, including skincare.

Bottom line makeup can and should be used by anyone for their own personal purpose. In that regard let's cease the terrible judging and just mind each other's faces. No one's getting hurt. So wear that purple lipstick. It's just makeup anyway.


I haven't touched all there is regarding the issue but these are the main thoughts that sprung onto mind. I might make a part 2 of this but what do you think? What are your thoughts on the issue?

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