Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings for 199

by - 21 August


Now I've never tried Uncle Cheffy's before and to be completely honest I never cared to look much into it as I've never heard anyone else talk about it. So when I was invited to try Uncle Cheffy's latest offering — Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings for Php199 on August 8th at McKinley Hill,  I thought why the f not.


 When someone says cracklings, you think chicharon right? Not just me? 'Coz that's what I initially thought. I was proven wrong though when the plate came and I didn't mind one bit.

We were served the main star of the evening — The unlimited cracklings with a glass of Iced tea. The viands on the plate weren't just cracklings though, there was this chicken covered in a sweet sauce then the "cracklings" being the tender fried chicken (with the crispy skin) and the pork piece (also with the crispy skin. mmmm.).

 It's been ages (and by ages I mean months and months) since I've eaten pork. In our household our menu consists of seafood, vegetables, chicken and the occasional beef. Bottom-line I was a little happy to be able to taste pork again albeit only eating that one and only particular piece you see on the photo.

The chicken covered in sauce I didn't care for very much. It was tender but the flavor didn't leave much of an impression. The fried chicken though was also tender and the skin was thin and crispy. It reminded me of Max's chicken but softer and more moist. The pork crackling's skin was really good. The meat was a little firm for me (I like to have the fat almost melt in my mouth, you know what I mean?) but I still enjoyed it. Both fried chicken and pork were lightly seasoned as it should in my opinion so you can have the option of using the ubiquitous crowd-favorite fried food sauce a.k.a Mang Tomas or Ketchup.

There were also servers who came in occasionally to replenish the meats on people's plates. So don't hesitate to ask for more pieces! 

We were also served a pretty tasty Margarita pizza with alfalfa sprouts.


Not to brag but my mom makes really really good cheesecake (lots of cream cheese and butter) and I've been thoroughly spoiled by it so it's not the restaurant's fault this wasn't exactly my favorite. It's still pretty good though!



Again, thoroughly spoiled by my family who cooks, the texture of this is slightly lighter (and more porous) than my usual fare so not an absolute must in my book.

All-in-all it was a cute little tasting of the Php 199 promo. I must say it's an awesome deal for the price considering it's unlimited and the food isn't bad. It's a pretty good affordable meal for everyone and anyone who loves fried chicken and pork.

Uncle Cheffy Php 199 unlimited cracklings deal review food tasting

There goes my trying-so-hard-but-semi-failing at a food review. I'm a frustrated food blogger if I can call myself that. Expect more food posts as I try to flex my food descriptive muscles and my stomach. If all else fails I can just say "I like this." & "I don't like this one.".


PS. Have you tried eating here?
PPS. Has anyone here ever ventured into food blogging? Or is an actual food blogger? Let's chat!
PPPS. I label/title my photos, so hover over them to see the secret messages! :)

Promo available only at the following branches : Bluewave Stripmall, Marikina, Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City, Venice Piazza McKinley Hills, Taguig City and Solenad Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City Laguna

Promo runs from July 29 to October 31, 2015 only.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Uncle-Cheffy/195383127315

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