What's been eating me lately Vol. 4

by - 02 September


A lot of Hello Giggles' articles, Buzz Feed, Up Worthy and Refinery29 again linked from Facebook. I always read their stuff but I just recently realized that a lot of what I read since time immemorial were from these particular sites.

I used to read a lot of Thought Catalog but it got a bit too "whiney" for my taste.


Spoiler : Yes. She never gets an actual answer. She's so much better off without him but that doesn't make what they had any less real.


Honestly, why are people hating on him still? He was a douche. But we have to realize that he was young, he's got a ton of money and he was thrust into the limelight at a very very young age. People seem to forget that he's actually very talented. I just like that he's doing music still and it's very... now.

I like it. Especially the beat.

About volunteering. I already submitted the forms so I wouldn't have to think too much over it (and/or chicken out while thinking).

Light. I just submitted updates to a project I'm doing for a client and it was stressing me out the past few weeks because I was continuously putting-off doing it. That and I wasn't excited about the project. What can I say I'm very idealistic particular.

A shit load of money to fund my early retirement to the beach/forest.

Or feeling the need to watch Hoarders. It's sad, scary and all too real. But I can't help watching their conclusion.

To finally [finish the project so can get the moneyz] to book the ticket to get me to the beach where my friend's at.


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