Impulse buys.

by - 28 May

Impulse Buy (Noun) : When you go to the store to get cotton pads and check out with half of the inventory. 

I did a little damage this month because I have little self-control I saw a lot of cool new things. I also got some backups of things I've tried and liked before.

First up some skincare

I'm a fan of face mists. Scratch that. I'm a massive gigantic fan of face mists. And when I dropped by Daiso (Makati) to get the elusive brush cleaner (not available in said branch btw) I chanced upon this and snatched them up. I'm currently using the Hyaluronic (read: Hydrating) and no break-outs as of yet other than the regular spatterings. (Bedding needs to be changed probably. Maybe.)

Weirdly enough this Japanese mist is made in Vietnam. Php 88 / 50 ml isn't bad at all. I know some face mists sell for Php 200- 250 / 100- 150 ml .The per ml ratio is close enough that I don't feel bad that it's just 50.

I ran out of my rose masks from China and decided to purchase some Thai ones (Or at least I think Beauty Buffet is popular in Thailand) anywho these were BOGO for ~Php 60. Sorry for all the guessing I lost the receipt!

I picked up some cucumber pads for the eyes (How cute is it that they look like cucumber slices?) and exfoliating cleansing pads for my overnight kit, so I don't have to lug my cleanser everywhere in case I need to stay over somewhere.

I didn't buy an Etude Cushion but I did buy an air puff for my cushion cream. Around Php 180 I believe, an okay price I guess but then days later I found out a store that sells cushion puffs for Php 50 / 2 pieces - talk about miffed.

Bought a back-up sponge blender (Php 88) from Daiso again. I swear that store is MAGIC.

And some Quick FX mattifier (Php 89 @Watson's) because this stuff works. I just can't use this every single day because my pores tend to get clogged up. I only use this when I really have to.

After hearing or rather looking at pictures in instagram about Shawill's pen eyeliner I proceeded to hunt for it because according to legend it's super good and super cheap (Php 99) . Imagine my delight when I saw that they had a slew of new things — tint glosses, face powders, blushers, blusher- bronzer-highlighter trios and more than one eyeliner pen offering.

I got the Sleak (HA) "Volumizing" Eyeliner Pen, Coloring Eyebrow (~Php 200 / felt-tip pen think K-Palette.) and the Perfect Powder from Shawill (Php 168). I've tried all of these and I quite like all of them. The Sleak liner is super black, felt-tip and doesn't crumble on my lids throughout the day. The coloring eyebrow pen is really good. Not really smudge-proof and oil-proof but it does stay on the eyebrows and I'm not one to always fuss about my brows throughout the day.

The face powder comes in three colors if I'm not mistaken, two dark ones and a very white-yellow one. Which made me think, they mush be contouring, bronzing and highlighting powders. The other dark one was more brown-orange perfect for bronzing and this one is more cool-toned and gray which is perfect for contouring. I've only swatched both dark powders at the store and while they are smooth they don't come off super pigmented which I think is great if you're a beginner or you like gradually building up your contour. On the skin it comes off as a natural shadow and doesn't sit on top and look powdery despite not being a soft and creamy powder.

Lastly I picked up the Style My Eyebrows from The Face Shop when they were having their BOGO offer. Only a couple of items were on sale but I only wanted to try the eyebrow pencils which I heard were really good and affordable. (~Php 200 / 2 pieces)

This concludes my haul post! Have you tried any of these? Let me know below!


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  1. Self control is overrated, anyway. :) The face mists look promising.

    And... I am curious about the cushion. I read about it on a lot of blogs but I have never tried one.

  2. That eyeliner pen intrigued me! Can't wait to go to the mall hahaha. I also got eyebrow products from TFS during their BOGO offer!

  3. Awesome haul! I enjoyed reading your finds and that they are so affordable. Gonna check them out too! Daiso is <3!

  4. Thanks!!! Yay let me know what you get :) Or link me to a post or sumthin.

  5. Yess!!! Did you get the brow mascara? I wanted to try it too but all that's left are the dark ones.

  6. Agreed. :))

    It's not for germophobes, in my opinion you're just paying for the case and air puff. :) I heard good things about Missha, Laniege, IOPE and Etude. Dior has one too I believe. :)

  7. OMG. Which store sells those cushion puffs? I swear the cheapest air cushion puffs that I know are being sold for like P50... for one... online :(

  8. I forgot the name and exactly where it is but it's in Starmall. Upperfloor. In front of Sandugo store. They sell fake makeup (LOL) but the tools are awesome!

  9. Now Im curious about the mists considering the price. Great haul :)

  10. :D impuls buys are the best ones! I think you should be very happy with your awesome haul ^^. Usually if you instantly want a special product you won't regret buying it! At least that's my experience with clothing :D. Do you have a nice recommendation for a face mist for extremely dry skin? I always wanted to try one but I am afraid a face mist might make my skin patchy :(...

  11. I love your haul. I will definitely check Daiso for that sponge. And Shawill powder as well. :)

  12. Great impulse haul! That liquid liner really looks intriguing. I'm not feeling the one I've been using for years now all that much any more and am thinking I'll give at least a couple others (that I haven't used before) a spin. Wish me luck! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  13. Oooh I have to find that Shawill powder! Looks like a nice contour powder nga!

  14. Yesss. Dense brush nga lang kailangan kasi di sha creamy and soft.

  15. kasalan ng cotton pads yan eh! hahaha! i also impulse buy a lot in daiso. that store really is magic lol.
    wanted to get the face shop brow pencil too but i have back ups of etude house pa -- which is also nice btw i think it was ard 170ish baka you might wanna try next time.
    Someone pls tell me what BOGO means :)

  16. Buy One Get One! Should've put it sowee :P

    Will try Etude pencil sometime in the future. How was it by the way? I don't like too soft pencils e.


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