FOTD : Shawill Contour powder and Eyebrow pen

by - 02 June


If you've seen my latest haul I got a few things from Shawill. I'm really happy about the fact that they have a lot of new products out most of which are eyeliners and blushers.

So I road-tested the Shawill Coloring Eyebrow and The Perfect Powder.


The Perfect Powder is not as pigmented as the ELF blush and bronzer duo (reviewed here) but it is matte and cool toned, which is essential for creating shadows on your face. It's smooth but a little hard because when I swirl my brush there's little fall-out (great!) but the powders on the brush (stippling) aren't enough. I suggest using a densely packed one.

In terms of blending, it does so nicely. Because it's not super pigmented you can build up the color and not over-do it.

It comes in three colors (white-yellow, brown-orange and this cool brown) and all are matte. The compact feels secure, well-made and has a big mirror inside. It also looks very sleek and professional because of the black glossy finish with the white text on top. I haven't played with it for long but I think it's a pretty decent contouring powder and for Php 168 it really doesn't hurt to try it out.


It was really a surprise to find a cheap eyebrow pen readily available in malls. I know NYX and Korean brands have eyebrow pens too and sold at a relatively cheap price compared to the coveted K-palette eyebrow pen but this one is really cheap at ~Php 200. (I distinctly remember it not going over 200)

The Coloring Eyebrow Pen comes in two colors, light brown and gray brown, I believe I chose light brown as it was a more "believable" color that complemenented my somewhat pinkish-orange-red-blonde hair.

Using it was still new to me. I've only tried K-palette once and comparing the two, they feel pretty much the same. Both have the same brush tip but this one has a mechanism inside (a metal ball maybe?) to mix the liquid..

One time I used this I inadvertently over-drew my brows which I found was easy to do if you're not used to pen liquid brow products. So take it slow and use light feathery strokes to mimic hair when using something like this or else it will be very very obvious and not the good kind.

I also found that I have to lay it down in my storage or put the brush-tip down so the tip won't dry out.

All-in-all I'm pretty happy with these. I wish the contour was creamier and more pigmented but that's just me. I imagine that to be great with beginners though.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them?


Other products worn:
  • Maybelline The Rocket
  • Nichido Satin lipstick
  • Revlon Highlighter/Bronzer in Peach Glow
  • LA Colors eyeshadow palette
  • James Cooper blush duo
  • PeriPera BB cream + Kate Tokyo base remaker

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  1. You look very pretty! I love shawils liquid eyeliner I've repurchased i so many times :)

  2. Great find! I just recently let go of my Inglot contour powder and was looking to get a different shade. I'll get this one instead :D

  3. Hi Rae! Let me know what you think about it!

  4. I LOVE your hair! And I should better check Shawill out. Those products look awesome!

  5. Thank you!!! Please please let me know what you think of them :)

  6. I've been wanting to try contouring my fluffy face for a while, so I hope I can find this soon. And your hair! I want it! ♥♥♥

  7. I saw that shawill powder. I swatched it and hindi nga sya pigmented. Di ko tuloy binili. Hahaha. I can't find their pen liner. :( Dun pa naman ako na iintriga. Hahahaha review plssss! :D

  8. I find eyebrow pens so hard to use! Haha baka hindi lang ako sanay! I really, reaaally want that contour powder!

  9. The contour powder reminds me of the NYX matte bronzer! Medyo hawig sila ng packaging. Btw, you look pretty with any hair color! :D

  10. ♥ Jheen try something like deep burgundy red para it's not as big a jump as going blonde.

  11. It is!! @Romila Marie Kala ko mas madali, well technically it is but the tradeoff is mas madali ka magkakamali hahaha. Hindi pa ko sanay, pinipilit ko na nga e. Lol. Try mo!

  12. You're right it does look similar re: packaging. Teehee thank you!!! ♥

  13. Yeah. Pero bihira ako makakita ng cool toned powder na mura. :) Try mo landmark Makati that's where I got these :) I might when I experiment with this longer.

    PS. Thanks! Hahaha dahil sa hair siguro.


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