Pond's Dewy Rose Gel

by - 22 May

Gel moisturizers are perfect for oily/combination skin and absolutely god-send in our current weather.

I received this moisturizer from the Pond's exclusive March box (see unboxing here) and if you follow my instagram you've seen me profess my (surprising) love for this tub of goodness.

A lot of people who've tried this are particularly fixed on the scent which is I guess, supposed to smell like a rose. I get a hint of rose but not too much. It's more perfume-y than anything else, BUT its fragrance is comparatively lighter than the rest of the line which are borderline fabric softener/Sunsilk shampoo in my opinion —which is probably what made me break out.

The packaging is a weighty glass tub with plastic cap sprayed over with metallic pink. Not ideal for travelling but looks very very luxurious especially on the vanity. To tell you the truth I'm not a #pondsgirl. I've tried their face washes, powders, toners and face creams before but they just broke me out BAD. And I was a fragile teenager back then adjusting to puberty. (woe is me)

After taking a chance again when I received the March box, I still broke out on all of the skincare included except this one. I'm really attributing my breakout recently to Pond's heavily fragranced products. I mean, I don't want my skincare to smell medicinal or funky but I don't want to feel like I'm putting on fabric softener you know?

I guess the first two ingredients which is Water and Glycerin really made it more acceptable by my skin. Regarding the texture if you've tried the Celeteque water-based moisturizer it's a little similar it's just that this one feels more "creamy" in a way, probably because of the third ingredient Dimethicone.

So it's like when you mix the water-based moisturizer with a silicone primer. That is the best I could describe it. On the skin it feels smooth and light and it's absorbed quickly leaving my skin refreshed, plumper and softer.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has tried Pond's and been scorned before. For Php399 you get 50g which isn't bad at all considering the packaging (and the fact that it never broke me out!!!).

You really don't need a lot, just smaller-than-a-pea sized amount would definitely suffice but if you're like me and are a little heavy-handed with skincare, a dollop feels absolutely glorious on the skin. Follow it up with a face mist and you're golden.

Have you tried this before? Or have you tried any gel moisturizers before? What are your thoughts on them?


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  1. This looks good and the photos are sweet. I miss Pond's products.

  2. Thanks! I just read my review again and caught a lot off grammar/composition errors. Eek. Sorry you had to see that hahahha

  3. Nice review! It look like a good product! I didn't know it!!

    I'm new reader here!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/

  4. Interesting. I also broke out when I tried their toner and moisturizer. If ever I'll give Pond's a chance, maybe I will try this one out! :P

  5. Yeah yung original ponds toners, cleansers and powder and succeeding products di talaga nag work no matter how much I wanted it to. Kahit yung rose line :( Eto lang talaga.

  6. I'm usually okay with Pond's for (at most) two weeks, after that period I see small bumps all over my face. Seems like their products are improving though, will consider trying this. I tried gel moisturizers before. The ones that I tried are a bit sticky at first but after some seconds, they seem to sink into my skin and feels refreshing

  7. Hi Arya! (great name btw) I don't really care for Pond's products eto lang talaga worth it para sakin because of the same problem you have. Sad coz a lot of people are "hiyang" with Pond's and they're really affordable pa.

  8. I also have tried this! Super lightweight moisturizer. Perfect for oily gals like me!! :D


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