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by - 11 April

Denims and shirts

White t shirt
1,090 PHP -

High-waisted shorts
1,065 PHP -

Denim shorts
930 PHP -

Adidas Originals white shoes
4,525 PHP -

Ray-Ban sunglasses
6,340 PHP -

Revo round sunglasses

If you're new to Manila or any major city, you'll find that people here have a certain summer uniform— ripped-to-almost-nothing denim shorts, sporty-esque-I'm-part-of-a-team shirt/ text-based shirt design with athletic sneakers and ray-ban sunglasses aviators most specially seen in teens and young adults.

Not saying this is bad, not at all. It's just you'll find more than a handful of people wearing this in most places. Maybe a cardigan thrown in or a Letterman jacket.

Call me hipster but I'm not one to go with the crowd or trend. So I made (on the right) what I would most definitely wear as a summer uniform in this blasted heat. I'll go with a cami most of the time but the stripes were pretty and one would usually stay away from black in the summer. I say embrace black all year round! I did balance it with a high-wasted bleached denim, neon green shoes and cool-as-fvck sunglasses.


PS. What do you guys think? What's your summer uniform?

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