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by - 07 April

I've been lusting over cushion bases ever since their first inception (just ask my sister). Most people probably don't know but Almay was the first brand I saw that carried (or used to carry) "cushion" bases and blushes and that was in the early 2000s. I think it was called something like "soft touch" or "sheer something".

So imagine my face when I finally got the blasted piece of retrieval slip from the post office (seriously though I hate going there anyone else feel me?). When I finally ripped open the package just outside the post office (yeah, I couldn't wait, sue me) the box was super pretty and the compact even more so.

I actually decided on this compact based on the fact that it looked exactly like the Hera limited edition cushion compact.

I already posted about the weirdly-fascinating new makeup innovation — the lip tattoo. The ones you peel off like those gel-like face masks. And I finally have one to try out! I believe this is the darkest color.

Interesting name though right? I don't know if this is a Taiwanese /Hong Kong brand because the company is in Hong Kong. When I first heard about the name it reminded me of Big Hero 6, more specifically...



PS. Have you watched it? If you haven't please do. And if you have extra time check out the comic/manga that inspired the movie as well! The plot-line is way different apparently.

PPS. What do you think of cushion makeup? And lip tattoos? How about the blatant copy-cat makeup brands? — Personally, I'm torn between thinking they're awesome and thinking they're unimaginative.

Disclaimer : Thanks to bornprettystore for letting me try these out! Credits to the owner of the pictures!

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  1. The products from The Born Pretty Store are always dupes or fakes o real brands, HERA is a Korean Brand but this are dupes. But the packaging at least is pretty.

  2. Yeah I've noticed. Some products are dead-copies of the one that inspired it. I know Hera and I've been looking for the limited edition compact. If anything, I just got it for the compact :P It's super pretty.


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