A Review : ZiaJa Eye Cream

by - 14 April

Following the demise of my Freshel eye cream, I busted out my backup.

Ziaja is a Polish family company with 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical and skin care market. Ziaja is a leading producer in Poland with sales over 50 million units per year. 

Production adheres to strict system and process quality standards; the high quality of Ziaja products are guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 and GMP standards. Each recipe is prepared with great care, in terms of dermatological and physico-chemical standards, and is consistent with European cosmetic law.

It's not a relatively known brand in the Philippines in terms of skincare. I was planning to keep it my dirty-little-secret but I decided to spread the word instead because this brand is something to watch out for. They have a lot of lines from babies to women and men. To date I've tried the face cream under the Goat's milk line (featured here) , Jasmine Micellar water from the Jasmine 50 line (featured here) and this eye cream I'm about to share with you.


This is relatively thinner compared to the Freshel one and I can't find any discernible scent. As it's thinner in consistency it feels lightweight on the skin but still moisturizing. Lately I haven't been as religious as when I first started using this (I think I can skip a day or two) but I find it good.

The nozzle/tip of the tube is similar to the Freshel. I wish most eye creams were packaged like this. I don't mind jars but this kind of design is compact, travel-friendly and hygienic (to germophobes).

Most of their products (if not all) are super affordable — it's sick. The range of products are staggeringly wide, the packaging is simple and straight-forward it looks retro plus the site is very detailed.

Where to find

I found ZiaJa at BeautyBar sadly they don't have a lot of variety in terms of line range. I suggest buying directly from the site for a complete list of all products and feast your eyes on everything. Squee.

Have you heard of this brand?


PS. Buy in bulk.
PPS. ZiaJa's quite famous in Korea — they get massive orders from people there.
PPS. Products are made under European standard people! European! Next best standard to Korean in my opinion.

Price at BeautyBar : Php150
ZiaJa US site : http://ziaja.co.uk/
ZiaJa UK site : http://www.zjashop.com/

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  1. Been thinking of trying out this brand for so long and I keep forgetting. I do have some items that I have to finish first. I'm glad that they are selling this in an affordable price in Beauty Bar and maybe I can finally buy one soon. :)

  2. Oooh it's affordable and I also love the packaging. It's similar to my moisturizer. I am gonna check this out! Thanks for the review!

  3. Go for it! I want to try everything. Seriously I still have my curent stuff but but butbut :))

  4. This is the first time I've heard of this brand, but it sounds interesting. Would you recommend this for someone with oily skin though? I'm cautious with cream-type eye creams because when it's too rich, it can produce small white spots in the eye area.

    Palettes and Ferrules

  5. Go check it out! :) Thanks for visiting!

  6. The cream is light and a little watery so it's not at all heavy/rich feeling on the skin. :)


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