Haul : Part Trois

by - 14 December

OH MY GOD when is this gonna end? I should probably break up my posts with other topics, but I really want to get this out of the way. What do you think? Haul : Part 1, Part 2

1. James Cooper. Jazzy singles - These are all matte, thank goodness. I thought they were more of a satin finish in the pan. Really really loving the creamy off white and the warm red-brown.

2. I finally ordered the Palgantong / 3W Clinic powder every Asian beauty enthusiast knows. And I'm loving it so far. 50g of goodness will last me a heck of a long time.

3. Baviphat Green Tea Mist - I always have to set my face now with a mist, ever since I used the Vitamin C one I got from Healthy Options - the name escapes me and the Celeteque one. The mist it sprays out is fine but few big droplets drip down from the nozzle.

4. VIA Tea Tree Oil - I feel like it's been helping my scalp situation a bit. And it's cheap (P100) too!

Freebie masks. I haven't tried them yet.

 5. ZiaJa Jasmine Micellar Water - It's okay? I don't know. I'm not hating it. But I'm not loving it either. I guess I just don't know what the purpose of micellar water is.

Got this at Beauty Bar. This brand's really affordable, you might want to check it out. They have eye creams too!

6. KATE Tokyo Quick Remake - It's supposedly a liquid you put on top of your already made face (that's faded/ needs a quick touch-up) so it has a smoother newer surface to put your foundation on. Kinda like a primer, but not the silicone one. This has more of a powder-natural type of finish.

7. Bobbie eyeliner - SO AMAZE. Creamy and pigmented. It really brightens up the waterline without it looking too much, unlike a white liner. Fades after 3-4 hours but can easily be touched-up. So impressed for the price.

8. Fashion21 - Auto brow liner. Dry, cheap and easy to use. Love this next to my Japanese drugstore eyebrow pencils.

9. Kokuryu Loose Powder - Ok. I have a TON of loose powder or powders in general. Heck I have a ton of makeup. But you can't really use logic on a beauty/makeup enthusiast. You will go nowhere.

One thing that made me get this was that it had Zea Mays or cornstarch which is a great ingredient for absorbing oils/setting creams and liquids. Yes, some people actually use this (including myself) or mix it in with their loose powder because it works so well and is easily available.

10. Shawill Blusher - Super pigmented. Cute packaging. Didn't understand the puff as the applicator but I can forgive it because the color is nice.

11. Fashion21 Stay All Day and Color Mood lipsticks - Amazing color payoff and so cheap it hurts. The matte ones Bronze (nude) and All Day Garnet (purple based red) are UGH. So good. As well as the creamy Color Mood lipsticks in Mystical Mauve (you guessed it, mauve) and Wild Cherry (Blue based deep red). I would collect more if I could.

 12. Rucy's Vanity lipstick in Ocean Red - A very wearable warm salmon pink. Creamy and has some micro shimmers only noticeable when you look REALLY close.

13. Sassy Colors - Another nude named Cameo. I just love nudes/ mlbb shades.

 14. Darkness lip tint in pink - I started out as a lip tint kind of girl. Then I matured into a full-fledged lip junkie.

15. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp - Love the concept (lip Cream) The color isn't very natural on me, since my lips aren't THAT pink, but I do like it for daytime.

16. MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in Kooky - Similar concept to the soft matte lip cream but this is way more matte and dry. The lips have to be prepped for this thing because it is not joking.

Oh my god last one. YAY!

17. Shawill Curling Mascara - Gives length, a little volume and holds a curl well. Plus it's waterproof. Just don't get it in your eyes because it BURNS. At least it did that for me. But easily removable and if you close your eyes and wipe out most of it you're all good.

18. Volume Up mascara -  Got this one at Saizen/Daiso. I gambled and I'm glad I did. Because it's waterproof, like seriously this stuff is legit and it gives the most natural looking lashes.Not false-effect but it gives my lashes a little length here a little volume there and that's all I need for an everyday mascara. Doesn't it look kinda like Dolly Wink or another famous Japanese brand?

19. In2it Waterproof mascara - I HATE THIS THING. It weighs down my lashes. Doesn't hold a curl well. Takes a long time to dry for a waterproof mascara. I hate it. So upset because I thought it would be good. Bottom line, waste of money. Spend it on Maybelline instead.

*HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~* At long last. This was one long ass post you guys.

Doing this post, really made me realize how much makeup I've been buying. Like this is the most makeup I've bought ever. 2014 is definitely the makeup year for me.

I think I'll just stop with the hauls and review the other ones I haven't introduced. I don't know if you're bored with the onslaught of haul posts but I am.

Let me know which one's your interested in/ tried and if you have hauls let me know. I'd love to read about them!


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  1. I really want to give the Bobbie cosmetics a shot but having so much of a hard time finding them :(

  2. Apparently some Watsons and SM branches have them, but I got this one at Ministop. :) It's so weird seeing makeup there.

  3. I love it the Palgantong / 3W Clinic that is the best!
    Thanks for share your haul with us!


  4. It is pretty nice. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Let me know what you think about ZiaJia! :)

  6. I'm curious about those Fashion21 Stay All Day lipsticks. Are they true mattes? How would they compare to Wet N Wild's Megalast (if you've tried those as well)? :)

    Kissel │Palettes and Ferrules

  7. Word of advice, please just try this particular liner or just the liners in general. I don't have a very high opinion for their lipsticks as well as their concealers and powders. Concealer (when I swatched it) was dry as heck and powders were very patchy maybe because they were left opened- but I wouldn't risk it.

  8. They are really really good in my opinion. True mattes yes. I've tried a couple of colours from WnW Megalast, and I believe those are a little more creamy than this.

  9. Thanks CJ. Will check those out the next time I'm in the mall. :)

  10. Woah! So much good stuff! I also have the palgantong powder and I love it so much!! I'm gonna check out some of the brands you've mentioned like Bobbie and ZiaJa.


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