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by - 13 December

I went a little mad as you can see. I've been on a roll, posting my hauls (here and here), so to change it up a little let me show you another...haul.

ZA recognizes that every Metropolitan girl lead fast- paced, hectic lives, so ZA created a range of easy-to-use makeup and skin care products that will naturally enhance the beauty of every woman.

Designed for women aged 20- 30, and built upon the studies on Asian Skin. Now under the Shiseido group, from the classic white and blue packaging, ZA has changed into a more feminine, fun, and outgoing pink and white palette, and the products are being developed continuously to suit the ever- changing conditions and to meet every woman's beauty need.

Za is currently having an end of the year sale with 50% off. And why yes, that's two foundation bottles.

I was actually dying to try the concealer for the longest time, but I couldn't justify getting it when I still have a heavy duty one that works just fine.

Then again, I can justify getting one powder foundation and two liquid foundations when I have a TON of bases here, most of which are currently opened. EQ is at an all time high ladies and gents.

Ugghh couldn't resist.

(To justify a little... Humor me) Za rarely have sales as big as 50%, usually it's just 10% or 20% and most of the time it's just on skincare. So yeah. Bam. Nailed that explanation.

I'm so excited to try these once I finish a few pans and bottles of current products. You know, try to exercise a little restraint here and there.

What would you like reviews on? Let me know below!

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Website : http://www.za-cosmetics.com/


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  1. Oooh! More Christmas sales!!! I hope you can write a review on the foundations. I'm curious to know if it's any good and if ever it is, I'd like to buy one while it's on sale. Haha!

  2. I'll DefinitelyI'll try as soon as I can. Currently have a lot opened. :)

  3. Would've gotten the ZA foundation, if I hadn't hoarded so many bases/BBs/foundies last year! I was certainly tempted when I saw the sale. :))

  4. Same story with me girl. I've so many. I don't need as much BUT BUT BUT The sale!!!


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