Women empowerment through a cold refreshing Coca - Cola

by - 29 December

To be honest I have been weaning myself from sugary drinks, but Coca Cola's latest campaign of women entrepreneurship through small to medium businesses like sari-sari stores is hard to ignore. Especially since I like to think of myself as an empowered  woman and I sincerely believe that sari-sari stores shouldn't be called as such unless they carry this quintessential beverage that has been around since the first patented engine. (Yes, I did my research)

Now while I do find it a little cheesy, I find the video cute too and it actually isn't far from the truth. I mean, we've seen it before. These stores build a community. And these stores help families and individuals as well, who've been looking to be their own bosses.

I might not want a sari-sari store of my own, but I do respect the fact that these women don't want to work for someone, they want their blood, sweat and tears to be for them, from their hard work. They are entrepreneurs whether they know it or not. Through this Share Sari Saring Happiness campaign, we all know Coca-Cola realized this too - that these small stores and most often than not, women owners are what helps keep Coca- Cola alive and thriving.

Training courses, business advice, financial services are the only starting points they're willing to share so no other obstacles can come in the way of empowering 5 million women by 2020 or 5by20 one of the goals of the Share Sari Saring Happiness.

Christmas is definitely over and done with, but the spirit is very much alive through this gift  - it is still technically the Christmas season, and what better gift to receive than the opportunity to better yourself, support you and the people you love and become part of a growing community of women entrepreneurs who know what they want and have the support and whatever they need to achieve it.

What do you think of women entrepreneurs, women bosses or just women being women doing business like every other person out there. There are a lot of prejudices and glass ceilings, inconsistencies and unfair treatment when it comes to women in the workplace. I for one do not stand for gender inequality in this day and age.



Disclaimer : A 7th Champer the PR company who approached me to write about their latest campaign didn't pay me in any way (monetary/xdeal) for this post. I carefully and thoroughly scan companies who approach me whether or not they pay me. I base my judgement on the topic, company and voice of my blog.

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  1. i think it's hard to succeed in a highly patriarchal society despite modern advancements, gender biases still exist but it's inspiring to see successful women who challenge the status quo and break the mold. happy new year babe!

  2. We're getting there. :) Sorry ngayon ko lang nakita. Happy New Year <3!!!


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