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by - 16 November

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Toners or 'skin', as labeled in some asian products, are always marketed as a must in your skin care regimen. You know how it goes, after washing place some toner on a cotton pad or your palms and gently pat on your skin. Not to be confused with astringents or those alcohol based toners that leave your skin feeling tingly, minty, tight and dry.

I admit I personally didn't see the importance of toners in my teens as I frequently forget to put it or just disregard it completely but they in fact do a significant difference to the skin. Let me break it down...

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Retails at ₱1,580.00/ 130ml

The skin has a natural PH level of 4 to 6 with the scale of PH ranging from 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline). Healthy skin has a PH level of around 5.5 which is slightly acidic. Washing the face with your cleanser plus water skews that balance and makes it typically more alkaline so a toner's job is to 'balance' it out to it's natural level to make it radiant and healthy. So toners generally are *slightly*  acidic to help re-balance your skin post-cleansing.

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Use a toner. Periodt.

Similar to moisturizers, no matter what skin type you have, you should always use a toner. It maybe a little more tedious but it does help in establishing a healthy barrier and preps your skin to absorb the rest of your skin care.

There are many toners in the market that can cater to a lot of people but I generally prefer Asian or Korean made skincare. What I've been using lately is this So'Natural PH5.5 RED WATER TONER, which fits the bill EXACTLY. This toner has a unique red color and not just the matte glass bottle but the liquid itself. This is not a result from artificial colouring but from the natural ingredients it has.

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Ingredients : 
Purified water, glycerin-26, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, butyleneglycol, methylglucose-10, sodium citrate, indian myrtle flower extract, indian myrtle leaf extract, xanthan gum, sheet Ric Acid, Betaine, Caramel, Daodium Sodium Dithia, Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Ivygod Fruit Extract, True Coral Horse Extract, Centella asiatica Extract, Lemon Extract, Green Tea Extract
Fun fact : This toner has an EWG GREEN rating, meaning that all the ingredients meet the strictest European Union's standard of acceptable health, ecotoxicity and contamination concerns. The labels properly state all of the ingredients and follow good manufacturing practices amongst other criteria.
See other products/ingredients that are RED, BLACK OR GREEN on EWG here.

Typically I pat this on my skin after washing my face or whenever I feel like my skin feels dry and needs a little boost. So far, I don't see any visible results from using this particular toner after 3 weeks of straight use BUT I do notice that my skin isn't as taut after washing and using this. I feel assured in knowing that I take care of my skin properly (as much as I can) and that it will pay off as I get older.

How about you? Which toners do you love using?


PS. Thank you SeoulUnni for sending me this to try!

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