E-invites Don't Have To Be Just A Boring Email : Gorgeous Paperless Invites For Any Event

by - 30 August

While there's a certain nostalgia to creating and receiving physical letters and notes, technology upgraded our standard of living by making sure what we need to say can be stored safely and sent out to numerous people simultaneously without breaking a sweat. Not to mention the good it does to our environment when we don't have to cut-down, process and recycle unnecessary paper products when it can be easily done virtually.

Paperless posts do just that.

From the standard birthday, wedding and christening invites...

To the fun flyers for gigs, events, block parties and what have you complete with cute GIFs and

There's a little something for every occasion.

And the designs are very pretty and print-ready!
Create your free account today!


PS. Any parties or events coming up soon? Why not go virtual and send everyone an invite all at the same time?

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