A Skincare Routine : What Worked and What Didn't

by - 25 April

It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything about what skincare I use lately. I do slightly experiment regarding skincare but I'm REALLY careful about the ingredients. It must be similar to the ones I've used previously so as to not cause any harsh reactions. For the most part though, I tend to stick to brands that worked well with my skin.

Celeteque has always been one of my go-to brands for skincare. Having dry and senstitive skin with an oily t-zone, it's quite a challenge to get something that addresses all or at the very least not aggravate my current skin condition. These are nice though.

For daytime I use the cream from their brightening line with SPF15 and anti-ageing properties. The cream is moisturizing but not overly emollient. It does dry-down a little and leaves my skin a little less tacky. I would suggest to use a small amount before using makeup or if you're oily. The scent is light - a little like talc and can leave a slight light cast but I guess that's the 'brightening' aspect? idk

For nighttime the anti-wrinkle collagen gel is my bae. This gel is thicker and stickier compared to the day cream and doesn't dry down so it's a little uncomfortable because it's been so hot lately.

These two are now under my skincare that didn't-make-my-skin-look-bad list. I haven't had any bad reactions so yes. I can definitely repurchase this.

This local indie brand skingenie is most famous for their cheap lip+cheek roller-ball tints which I also have and what prompted me to try out their skincare too. This eye roller feels better when put in the fridge, the cool liquid with the slight massage from the ball roller is a nice little quick eye pampering.

The ball part though isn't as smooth as I would like. I like to think it's just a bad batch. There's no apparent eyebag-lightening or wrinkle-smoothing but I feel better just having skincare for that area. Prevention is better than cure :)

These 3 are more of extras. The Giga tea tree oil is for my breakouts when I do have them. Most times I dilute it with water and put it in an atomizer and use it as my sanitizer. 

The lash serum is more of a imma-test-it-just-cause product. I didn't notice my lashes or brows getting thicker after almost using the tube up. I had to chuck it because the serum got really dirty from all the mascara residue. Any lash serum recommendations?

This Erase toner did shit for my skin. While the cooling sensation was great it was a little too 'cooling' bordering on prickly. Also it gave me little bumps. These kinds of purchases make you question yourself sometimes.

Suaviss Korea's Power Lifting Essence is a nice addition to my skincare. When I don't care to put on the cream or gel moisturizers I at least have to put this. Especially since the consistency is watery and light, it's a better alternative to creams and gels lately.

This Korean skin brand has lightening, anti-ageing properties and uses natural ingredients too. Which is heaven for someone with annoyingly sensitive skin. It doesn't smell like anything in particular so all-in-all a nice addition for moisture and care. You can get this here - https://www.facebook.com/BeautyLabWhiteningPH

What have you been using lately? Care to share?


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