7 Tips to Elevate Your Style — What to do when you fall into a style rut

by - 27 April

7-tips-how-to-style-1In fashion, there is nothing worse than falling into a rut. You open your own closet, sigh, and realize that every single item in there is kind of... boring. So, how do you break free of this style rut? With a few tips and tricks, you could refresh your wardrobe and rock some splendid new looks.

Fitting is key
Fashion is all in the way things fit you. That blazer with the shoulders just a touch too wide, those pants that are only a bit too tight around the hips can throw off the whole outfit. From your neck to your ankles, don’t allow chafing, looseness, or awkward angles to give you a bad shape and make sure that everything you wear fits you well. If you’ve got money to invest, invest in a personal tailor. They don’t have to make all, or even most of your garments, but have them make one perfect piece that fits you like a dream.

Don’t be afraid of color
Black, white, navy, gray are timeless classic and safe colours. But they can get a little too safe. Find the colors that suit you (jewel tones, maybe vivid or in pastel pink) and pick out a few items that look vibrant, and look fun.

Glasses as accessories
Accessories are an excellent way to switch it up and glasses aren't just for poor eyesight. An Australian trend that’s slowly spreading to the rest of the world are glasses. That’s why girls there commonly go to an optometrist because they offer a variety of frames, which are a great accessory for pulling off a polished chic look. If you already wear glasses, now’s the time to get a chic new frame. 

However, bear in mind that when it comes to accessories, less is more. It’s to add subtle pieces that complement the outfit.

Quality over quantity
Don’t buy it if it doesn’t look perfect on you, doesn’t fit like a glove or if the material doesn’t feel pleasant. Chances are you’ll either never wear it, or you’ll be uncomfortable each time that you do wear it. Having a single perfect dress that accentuates your curves just the right way is a lot better than having ten poorly-made, cheap dresses that make you look like a potato.

Shop in the Men's section
One thing to keep in mind when you walk into a clothing store is that no space there is inaccessible to you. A hoodie from the men’s department won’t suddenly degrade your femininity. Clothing has no gender, so if you like some piece you saw across the store, why not grab it?


Have a signature piece
Have one thing that’s absolutely, uniquely yours. Something that people recognize you by, a sort of signature that no one else has. Maybe you have a green scarf that you always style differently, maybe it’s a pair of earrings that your grandmother left you, maybe the fact that you always wear something pink, or maybe it’s the perfume you always wear.

Learn how to do makeup
Think of makeup as an accessory. It’s not necessary, but it sure is fun and can complement your outfit. Match your lipstick with your blouse, learn how to do the perfect daytime smokey eye, dab some highlight on your cheekbones to bring the glam. Play with colors and coordinate with your outfit.

When you fall into a rut, it’s always a good thing to experiment and push your boundaries to get out of your comfort zone. Being creative with your style is all about being bold enough to try new things!

Contributor : Amy Mia Goldsmith
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