P99 Samgyeopsal with Unlimited Side Dishes

by - 02 March

You know the feeling when you've stumbled on a deal that's just too good to pass up? Same. Add in the fact that it's Korean food from a newly opened restaurant and that it's P99 with unlimited side dishes. *breathing heavily*

Jin Joo Korean Grill at Eastwood has been teasing people local to the area (usually office workers) for the longest time, waiting for it to finally open its doors. Last Feb 23rd, Friday, we were finally graced with their official presence. And with Metrodeal offering P99 Samgyeopsal (yes imma repeat it) with unlimited side dishes for two people, I didn't hesitate.

Despite calling ahead and reserving, there was a mishap with the number of people who dropped in without reservations so we ended up waiting an additional 30-40 minutes. The front of the house/hostess was and courteous enough to relay what transpired.

Upon entering you're bombarded with color. From quirky murals, framed art, bright neon signs and mod styled furnishings to wooden tables and seats and soft couches- -it's a feast for the eyes. I found it extremely pleasing. The over-all vibe was very colorful. Very youthful. And extremely instragrammable. Every. Single. Corner.

We had a peek of the menu and just ordered one bowl of rice. Ordering is easy if ever the set wasn't enough, but it was more than enough (I don't usually eat rice plus unli sidedishes. Hello.)

2 moderately thin slabs of pork were served along with 6 side dishes and a handful of lettuce.

Note: Rice isn't included so better buy a bowl or two. Pork + (small basket of) Lettuce + Sidedishes are the only inclusions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sidedishes, especially the picked radishes, kimchi (duh) and tofu + bean sprout.

According to the servers, you can only use the grill on the table if you order and additional set otherwise they will grill the orders in the kitchen.

The pork wasn't the most lovingly grilled. Despite the nice looking char marks, these tasted bitter because some parts turned out burnt and the meat itself was a little tough. On another note, great looking plates.

Would I come back? Maybe. Was the set worth it? Yes, for the delicious sidedishes. If not for the tough and charred meat the whole experience would be a 10/10, for sure.

Have you tried Jin Joo? Do you like Korean grills in general? We have quite a few here in Manila don't we?


PS. Their side dishes change every day according to one of the servers I asked.

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