EB/Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick Thoughts and Swatches

by - 16 February

Following my previous liquid lipstick review here , I'm coming at you with another liquid lipstick review. This time from Ever Bilena.

If you're a beauty lover you'd probably have or have owned an EB Matte Lipstick at least once. You know those OG squarish black-tubed lipsticks that smelled like wax (and sort-of like 'old lady' makeup) from their main line. They were truly matte and CHEAP.

I had one in Mauvey and well...Mauvey. I felt like that was the safest 'blind-buy' colour before, but that was before my obsession with deep dark wine, reds, warm nudes and roses came in to play.

So take that well beloved OG lipstick and put them in the preferred formula today( liquid format) ét voila. We have the EB Liquid Matte Lipsticks.

Read on for my thoughts and swatches about this DELICIOUS smelling, LIGHT-as-a-feather and SUPERBLY pigmented liquid lipstick.

Here it is dried down. The colour dried-down has darkened very slightly.

I purchased five colours that I know would work well for me and that I can actually wear on more than one occasion.

Bare lips.

Packaging | Consistency | Application

Right off the bat, I like that it's just a simple clear tube so you can see the inside and the standard doe-foot applicator. Having tags of the shade on the top of the tube as well as the bottom is a great touch.

As you open the tube you do get a whiff of something sweet but not overpoweringly so. Something like cupcakes? Pulling the wand you can immediately tell it's very liquid-ey. As such the application is smooth and tug-free leaving an even application of colour. Some colours like the Vamp Red, need at least two swipes to make the colour on your lips even. Matte lovers rejoice because this dries to a powdery matte finish that's transfer-proof.

Sexy Nude a peachy salmon colour.

Siennas as an warm light orangey brick.

Wear time | Formula

If you wet your lips with water (anything non oily) it does get slightly tacky and very slightly separates. I've noticed that while using Careline's formula as well. But it didn't crumble and my lips didn't look like the Sahara desert. It was still comfortable enough for me to wear all throughout the day.

Plus I didn't have to worry about it bleeding, moving around and crumbling like I have colored polvoron on my lips.

Toast of New York a warm milk chocolate with red tones.

Vamp Red - A cool-toned red.

Price : 195
Net Weight : 5. 5ML

Ingredients : Isododecane, Hydrogenated styrene/isoprene copolymer, talc, ,trimethylsiloxysilicate, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexyglycerin, fragrance, may contain tintanium dioxide, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, black iron oxide, d&c red 6, d&c red 7, fd&c blue 1

Dusk is a deep dark red with purple tones.

Once dry it's quite a challenge to remove. So you have to use oil-based removers. I used Simple's Micellar water (not oil based) and had to rub hard multiple times for it to come off. The good news is that they won't transfer (unless you eat  or put on something oily).

I noticed that since the consistency reminds me of Colourpop Satin Lips and some of the shades from EB are from the same colour family I decided to put them side by side for comparison. (Plus Careline's Gotta Go)

Siennas, Sexy Nude and Echo Park are close to each other. Sexy Nude is lighter and more pink, Echo Park is darker with more brown in it, Siennas is darker then Sexy Nude and has more red.

Final thoughts?

Great buy. For 195? Absolutely get your 'everyday' and 'for special occasions' shades. Great job EB!
Have you tried any of these? Would you want to try them? Let me know!


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