3 Important Things To Know Before Buying Your First Hair Extension

by - 05 February

So you've decided to finally buy your first hair extension because of a bad haircut, a swanky event you want to go to, a new look etc whatever it may be you've bit the bullet. So how do you start choosing which is the best for you?

Here are 3 important things to know before clicking that BUY NOW button.

1. Colour matching is a must

Choose hair extension that is the similar shade as your current hair colour. You want it to blend as seamlessly as possible for the most natural look. The best way to do it is to match with the most prominent colour at the ends of your hair not with your roots.

2. Quality is Key

Synthetic is definitely way more affordable compared to natural hair, but they tend to look fake. The goal of clip in extensions is for it to look like you DON'T have extensions. Splurging on natural hair or even high quality synthetic hair is a better bang for your buck if you're looking for longevity.

3. Fake hair need love too!

Just because they're not your 'real' hair doesn't mean you just haphazardly store it wherever. They need cleaning and styling as much as your real hair.

Proper washing is to gently massage it with shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates while holding the 'base' where all the hair is sewn in. That goes the same for brushing, while holding the base, ends first, and ever so gently brush-out all the tangles. Blot with a towel then air-dry. Wait until extensions are completely dry before using hot styling tools.

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